1982 A peasant in Sichuan declared himself emperor, conferred the title of empress Na 6 village girls as concubines, and established an army of 70

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The occupation of “emperor” should have disappeared in the long river of history, but in the decades after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, there have been many “emperors”, these strange “emperor” stories are even more ironic.Among them there are blind emperor, jade Emperor, female emperor and so on, among which there is a farmer in dabashan emperor, carved a jade seal, conferred civil and military officials, Na Mei, and even the emperor personally……How did this peasant become the “emperor”?How did it end?The farmer’s name was Zhang Qing ‘an. He was born in Bazhong County, Sichuan Province, a closed and backward place with little contact with the outside world, where ordinary people lead a comfortable life.Zhang Qingan had attended a private school in his early years, and was generally literate, but he was a good calligrapher.He also knows some medical skills, in the village face clinic practice, was appointed to jujube township health association director and other positions.Zhang Qing ‘an indulges in gossip deduction and often gives people divination fortune-telling.It was because he engaged in feudal superstitious activities that he was reported for restoring feudalism. Zhang Qingan was dismissed from public office and had to go home to farm for a living.In early February 1981, Zhang Qingan came to the peak of incense Yin Ling Mountain to pray for luck, happened to meet fellow villagers Liao Guitang also came to pray for Buddha.The two of them respectively talked about their tragic experience, the one said he was reported to lose his job, the other said he offended someone, the job was robbed, the more they talked more and more devoted, and even the initiation of sympathy.Zhang qing ‘an told Liao Guitang that he had a book of gods at home called The Five Gongjing, which predicted that there would be a natural disaster in July 1982, and more than half of the world’s people would die.Liao Guitang was intimidated and asked urgently, “Is there any way to avoid it on that day?”Zhang qingan explained that the solution is to follow the five Buddhas, because the five Buddhas can save people from misfortune, but they only bless the filial son and the kind-hearted.As long as we believe in the Five Buddhas, we can be protected by them.It was the morning of February 19.Liao Guitang came to Zhang Qingan’s house and wanted to see what the Book looked like. Zhang Qingan took out the book and told liao Guitang the code words word by word.Liao Guitang listened to, zhang Qingan is worship, he proposed to and Zhang Qingan became brothers, in the future two people together, happy to share…..02 Ascended the throne zhang Qing ‘an told Liao Guitang, such as in July after the disaster, is the time for them to enjoy prosperity and wealth.Now we need more people to join them and embrace the Five Buddhas so that they can use them.A few days later, Liao Guitang took several believers to find Zhang Qingan, Zhang Qingan also attracted a group of villagers, he took the opportunity to put these people together, held a “avoid disaster congress”.At the meeting, he read in detail the content of 5 male, stressed in the book had indicated that the upcoming July catastrophe, bazhong county, hundreds of thousands of people, only 2353 people survived, and these survivors have a common characteristic, is the five male the believers, they are the five Buddha’s blessing, survived and gave way, after the trouble is how great you are alive.At the meeting, Liao Guitang was active in the atmosphere, and the villagers were also motivated to express their belief in the Five Public Buddhas.Zhang Qingan then brought a bowl of water, to everyone with a needle pricked fingers, the blood drops into the bowl of drinking, quite a drop of blood for the implication of the alliance, Zhang Qingan and took out already painted five Buddha distributed to everyone.In may, Liao Guitang invited Zhang Qingan to visit bazhong County. They came to the South shrine slope in the south of the city. Zhang Qingan looked at the tung seed trees beside the road and said, “Guitang, you see that the flowering period of the tung tree is in February, but now it blooms again in May.Liao Guitang puzzled looking at him, Zhang Qingan explained: means to change the dynasty, after the country named Central Plains Emperor Qing Country, central Plains refers to China, the emperor is the meaning of the emperor, qing is pointing this qing yuan……When they arrived at the tiled building of the Sichuan Opera Troupe in Bazhong County, they looked at the magnificent house and planned to use it as the palace in the future.After the two of them respectively, Liao Guitang more energetic, he seemed to see his own days of high office and wealth, in less than a month, he developed dozens of believers.This side of Zhang Qingan is not idle, he walked around the streets, drew a lot of people, in the believers, some people even take the initiative to give their daughter, to zhang Qingan do concubine.There are many local people by zhang Qingan’s bewitching, feel the end is coming, panic.Everyone followed Zhang Qingan every day to visit the five Buddha, learning the five Gongjing, they no longer go to work in the field, also no longer consider for the harvest……In late June, Zhang Qingan drafted more than 40,000 words of the “Law of heaven sen Order” system, and then copied it out with natural and elegant Chinese characters, as the rule of the emperor Qing Dynasty.On the morning of July 2, When Zhang Qing ‘an was explaining the Five-Gong Sutra to his disciples, a disciple named He Changde suddenly fell to the ground with convulsions all over his body and could not wake up after Shouting.After a while, He changed slowly opened his eyes and said to the crowd in shock, I have just seen the Jade Emperor. He told me that there is a man from jujube forest named Zhang Qingan who is going to be our emperor.Looking at the hesitant people, he shouted: “You still don’t kowtow!”So the people kneel together kowtow, shout to Zhang Qingan long live.Then Zhang Qingan went up to the high platform made of mud, ascended to the throne as the emperor, decided the state name “Huang Qing”;Liao Guitang was appointed vice Emperor.How to become a Master of the Sky;He conferred on his mother the title of Empress Dowager, his wife the title of empress, and five other women as concubines.A number of key officials were appointed king of Shu, prime minister, general and other posts.Zhang Qing ‘an knew some history, he saw ancient times pay attention to “official with seal”, so also personally carved a 2 inch square “emperor jade seal”, and sent people to carve 18 official seal, when he appointed “emperor Qing” ministers, sent a special person together with the appointment letter sent to.He even gave his ministers a saying for the official seal: If you put it in a box, lock it tightly and silently read, “The Trough gate opens to the south, and the jade seal will come home. It will be turned around this year, so that you will be promoted and become rich.”Zhang also selected 70 strong believers to form an army of the Imperial Qing. He also ordered his vice emperor Liao Guitang to drill his troops daily.Zhang Qingan and ministers to discuss their own campaign plan: the first step is to occupy bazhong county, after the official accession……Some of the timid believers who had obtained the official seal were horrified at the thought of the emperor’s plans for deliberation.Zhang Qing ‘an saw this scene, had to put Liao Guitang “packaging” into a can and what change, heaven and earth and ghosts dialogue.On this day, Liao Guitang “heaven and earth” in the witness of the believers.The people saw the vice emperor, drink wine, mouth mutter a word, then the whole body shake a few shake, and then unconscious.About half an hour later, Liao Guitang “came back” and told the believers of heaven’s “instructions” : “I went to heaven to see the Jade Emperor and the gods……The Jade Emperor was very satisfied with our establishment of an imperial Qing state and asked us to continue our efforts to occupy the whole country…”Then, Liao Guitang took out Zhang Qingan early in the morning prepared beans, he said excitedly, these beans are the Jade Emperor and the gods gave us the “Emperor Qing” helper, can scatter beans into soldiers……”Then he took out some broken bamboo tube, “this is the Jade Emperor grant” cannon “, in the conquest of bazhong county……After Liao Guitang’s “heaven and Earth”, the imperial Qing dynasty is full of confidence.However, the two “emperors and vice-emperors” were worried and turned their hair white. Beans were beans and bamboo tubes could only be used as firewood. How could soldiers and cannons come?After a few days of worry, Zhang Qingan suddenly had an idea: to join hands with Chiang Kai-shek in Taiwan and raise an army in Bazhong to capture Sichuan Province.Chiang kai-shek started his campaign in the south and moved north to capture Fujian.When the two provinces are won, the United States will surely pay attention to them and perhaps get a lot of funding.He and Chiang Kai-shek will be and, together to recover the central Plains, take the capital of Beijing is just around the corner, when the whole country will know him this emperor……Zhang Qingan and Liao Guitang after consultation, think this is feasible.In order to draw Chiang kai-shek and the emperor Qing cooperation, Zhang Qing ‘an decided to confer Chiang Kai-shek as king of Wei, and issued a letter of appointment, sent to Taiwan Province.But Liao felt it was too dangerous and too easy to reveal their plan, so he stopped Zhang.Ironically, the two men who called themselves emperors did not know that Chiang Kai-shek had died seven years earlier, and it was difficult to help them realize this dream.Time flies like an arrow, and July is quickly over.The doomsday predicted by Zhang Qingan did not materialize, and the people at the grass-roots level gradually began to break away from the organization and no longer followed Zhang’s “imperial edict,” which greatly discouraged the emperor.In order to restore morale, Zhang Qing ‘an decided to attack bazhong county.On October 17, 1982, Liao Guitang went to heaven and earth again: on October 20, all the marshal generals of the Imperial Qing Dynasty wanted to bring good weapons……Only to hear three cannon at noon, beans scattered to the designated location, and then shouted “return my Qing Dynasty, long live the Emperor”, the Jade Emperor will send out 1.5 million tianjun, to help us attack bazhong county…….On October 20, zhang qingan’s team was noticed by the county government before they reached bazhong County.County police gun-toting rushed to control Zhang Qingan and his gang effortlessly…On December 21, 1982, bazhong County People’s Procuratorate sentenced this funny “Emperor” to life imprisonment for “propagating superstition and organizing counter-revolutionary movements”, and vice Emperor Liao Guitang was sentenced to 20 years in prison.Other key members were also sentenced to prison……Zhang Qingan’s harem beauty is demobilized after accepting ideological education;Those who were deceived into joining the “Imperial Qing Kingdom” of the masses, organized by the police together, a legal education and anti-superstition education……Later, because zhang Qingan and Liao Guitang and other people in prison good performance, commutation was released early.After the release of Zhang Qingan honestly farming at home, referring to the past, he said with emotion, now everyone is living a good life, no one would like to be the emperor, no one supports others when the emperor……Who also did not think, Zhang Qingan’s wife actually can not bear reality, but also feel that he is “queen”, finally crazy.05 Conclusion After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, in some areas where traffic is blocked and ignorant and backward, “superstition” activities still exist for a long time. People often pray for good luck and avoid disasters.Superstition and heresy are only deceiving oneself or being deceived by others.Even today, there are such obsessive followers, which need to be warned, educated and eradicated.