The latest!This year suqian sports examination program has changed

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Tip: “Shuyang release “↑ come and pay attention to us!Suqian students, teachers, parents pay attention to suqian 2022 early middle school graduates to enter the school of physical education test program came out this year, what is the scoring standard?When is the test time?How will this year’s exam change from last year’s?Students who will enter senior high schools (general high schools, vocational high schools and secondary vocational schools) in 2022 and former junior high school graduates will be required to take the exam. Those who do not participate will not be allowed to enter senior high schools.Examination time: The physical education examination for high school graduates in Suqian city in early 2022 will be organized from the middle of April, 2022, and completed at the end of May (including delayed examination).1. Test score: the total score is 40 points, which is included in the total score of the high school entrance examination.2. Examination items: divided into compulsory items and optional items.Compulsory test items for 50 meters run (the first test project), endurance run (boys 1000 meters, girls 800 meters, the last test project), standing long jump;For boys, choose 1 for pull-up and throwing a medicine ball, and for girls, choose 1 for sit-up and throwing a medicine ball.The maximum score for each item is 10 points.3. Test format: on-site test with electronic timing and distance counting.The city’s unified examination system (registration arrangement, score entry, automatic scoring, statistical analysis, result announcement and other automated systems), unified scoring standards, unified examination equipment, and the whole examination of the video monitoring, so that the examinee’s examination situation, invigilator’s punishment can be traced back.The fee for the physical education examination for high school graduates in Suqian city in 2022 is in accordance with document no. 40 of accommodation fee (2005), and 9 yuan is charged for each student.For the insufficient part, we will seek supporting arrangements for local finance.Small cloth also learned that this year the city’s various ets is still determined by unified city bureau of education by the government to buy service mode of testing service providers provide service for all grade students in the city officials shall not make area inner on-the-job teachers is the ets to draw up this year include the examination site Settings, schedule, test organization, special circumstances the examinee audit content such as “to organize the implementation of examinationProgramme in the negotiation between the service provider fully communication with the test after March 10 in the form of official documents submitted to the city bureau of education the approval to carried out this disabled candidates to apply for body shall provide the certificate of the People’s Republic of China disabled persons of the original other candidates to apply for the special situation body must provide the original medical records and the diagnosis of medical institutions at or above the county level proved by the testDistrict education department organize professional medical institutions for centralized to the examinee face-to-face review candidates to apply for the body gently to take an examination of material to be deposited in the student file if the candidates have to attend a grace or otherwise included in the mid-term exam score zero points WeiYi teach controller introduces, the city bureau of education body since the end of last year, some counties, some schools have simulated test,For the examinee whose performance in the simulation test is not very ideal, it is suggested to carry out targeted training to improve the sex on the basis of good PHYSICAL education according to the arrangement of the school.In the process of improving sex training, try to give priority to physical education homework assigned by the school, ask for the teacher’s opinion more, at the same time, pay attention to sports safety and sports protection, prevent injury in the process of sports.City bureau of education, reminding students and parents of students physical ascension movement skill mastery is a gradual process must not act too hastily listen to some social training institutions “work” a week “to ensure full marks” commitment as we have learned, our province issued recently by the new era on comprehensively to strengthen and improve school sports work of the implementation opinions “,Around the implementation of the implementation of this opinion, the city education Bureau is actively promoting the reform of junior high school sports academic level examination, improve the physical education content, methods and scoring methods, the implementation of the “process evaluation + basic knowledge + field test” combined examination method;We will gradually increase the weight of physical education scores in the senior high school entrance examination from no less than 5 percent of the total score in the past to more than 10 percent by 2025.At the same time, we will unify examination categories, examination conditions and evaluation standards, and improve examination methods by means of digitalization and visualization to ensure accurate, objective and fair results.Source: Suqian