China Ping hainan training hot to light up, the female players have strong awareness of sun protection, the grand Slam more than 30 qualified

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On February 9th, Beijing time, after the Spring Festival holiday, the Chinese Ping team went to Lingshui, Hainan province immediately and began the first closed training in the Year of the Tiger.It is still winter, and most provinces and cities are still very cold, so many of the team members are wearing large cotton-padded clothes or thick coats when they set out, but after arriving in Hainan, they immediately changed into shorts and short sleeves.Spread through the network of the latest photos and video, you can see the ping players are running practice of physical, because the temperature is higher, and the sun, is eyesight whiting, outdoor training players have some of the girls is prevented bask in consciousness is very strong, although very hot but they still wear long pants, although Chen Meng didn’t wear long sleeve, but choose a sunscreen cap,More important than arms and faces.The male team is relatively “rough”, without the awareness of sunscreen, just how to cool down, among which the young athlete Wang Chuqin is directly light, after training, the team is also a variety of ice water, ice drinks in hand, it can be seen that it is really very hot.WTT officially announced the venue for the first WTT Grand Slam tournament in Singapore (March 7-20), just 25 days before the tournament.The tournament consists of five individual events, including 64 singles, 24 doubles and 16 mixed doubles. The singles are allocated to the top 58 (or top 50+8 qualifiers) +3 hosts +3 wild card invitation slots. The tournament has few seeds, and players need to compete for the promotion slots through multiple qualifying rounds.According to the rules, the ping 32 people (16 men and 16 women) won the qualification, FanZhenDong, Malone, Xu Xin, Liang Jingkun, ambitious, Lin Wang Chuqin, Sun Yingsha, Chen Meng, Wang Man yu, liu shiwen, Wang Yidi, Zhu Yuling in column, but qualified not representative must be able to compete, because each association have quota restrictions,So we’ll have to wait until after the registration deadline for who will compete.Outside the association, man India added nana chandrasekhar Syria, Egypt, omar aruna, Sweden morey Scott, Nigeria, Brazil Hugo, French Simon is high, Taiwan boda Confucianism, Germany Bohr, 杜凯琹 woman sin in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, China Taiwan cheng i-ching, Puerto Rico diaz, Romania, Mr Coase, etc all can,Among them, Lin Yunru has withdrawn from Oman WTT regular challenge.Japan and South Korea will probably not give up this opportunity, so the game is worth looking forward to and pay attention to.Fans have begun to look forward to a strong confrontation, ITO Mei Cheng and China ping direct collision will win who lost?Who will win the first Grand Slam?