2 minutes Fujian Style News Breakfast (January 25)

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The fifth session of the 12th Provincial CPPCC concluded in Fuzhou on April 24.Yin Li, secretary of the CPC Provincial Committee, attended the PLA delegation and Xiamen delegation deliberation at the sixth session of the 13th Provincial people’s Congress on Thursday, listening carefully to the opinions and suggestions of deputies.The presidium of the sixth session of the 13th Provincial people’s Congress held its third meeting on March 24.On the 24th, acting governor Zhao Long came to the zhangzhou delegation of the sixth session of the 13th Provincial people’s Congress, listening carefully to suggestions and seeking high-quality development of economic society throughout the year.The 12th provincial COMMITTEE of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) elected 10 standing members at the third plenary meeting of the 5th session of the 12th CPPCC on Monday morning.1. Fujian’s GDP will increase by 8% to 4,881.036 billion yuan in 2021. In the past year, Fujian’s economy has generally maintained a recovery trend and made steady progress in economic development.According to the unified calculation results of regional GROSS domestic product (GDP), the province’s GDP in 2021 will be 4.881.036 billion yuan, up 8.0 percent from the previous year at comparable prices, according to the provincial statistics Bureau on Thursday.2, the Ministry of Education publicity!These schools in Fujian are on the list!The Ministry of Education (MOE) recently released the announcement on 2021 national Youth campus football schools with special features, “All Stars” training camps, pilot counties (districts), reform pilot areas and national football kindergartens with special features.In 2021, the average year-end bonus ranking of Chinese white-collar workers will be released, xiamen 9th, Fuzhou 12th, how much year-end bonus do you get?The average year-end bonus for white-collar workers nationwide in 2021 will be 10,227 yuan, up 30.7% from 7,826 yuan in 2020, according to a survey report released by Zhaopin.com on Monday.Among them, the average year-end bonus of xiamen white-collar workers is 10,656 yuan, ranking 9th in The country, while the average bonus of Fuzhou white-collar workers is 9,667 yuan, ranking 12th in the country.Xiamen, East China’s Fujian Province, on Thursday issued the first batch of rent subsidies, totaling 35 million yuan, to 10,800 newly employed college students.The system continues to accept the qualification applications, and will continue to accept them quarterly and distribute them in batches.5, there are adjustments!Spring Festival is approaching, in order to facilitate the general public travel during the festival, zhangzhou Spring Festival bus schedule has been adjusted.1, three departments jointly for minors without bottom line marketing food market supervision administration of special management work, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Security jointly issued on the bottom line for no minors marketing food special administrative work notice “, comprehensive governance and around campus and network platform for minors, such as no bottom line marketing scatological food phenomenon.A total of 26.07 million trips are expected to be made nationwide on the eighth day of the Spring Festival travel rush.Among them, 5.65 million passengers are expected to be transported by railway, 19.2 million by road, 380,000 by waterway and 840,000 by civil aviation.The estimated traffic volume of expressways nationwide is 29.541,500.International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach has arrived in Beijing recently to attend the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and related activities.The China Banking And Insurance Regulatory Commission (CCIRC) has issued a guideline to encourage banks and other financial institutions to reduce or exempt basic banking service fees for certain groups such as the elderly and the disabled.5, a new round of large-scale rain and snow weather will affect China from today, a new round of large-scale rain and snow weather will affect China, Henan, Hubei, Anhui, Jiangsu and other places will have heavy snow or snow.On The 25th, the whole province will be overcast to cloudy, and parts of Nanping and Sanming will have light rain.26th, the whole province cloudy to cloudy, including nanping, Ningde, zhangzhou part of light rain.On The 27th, the whole province was cloudy to cloudy, and parts of Nanping, Sanming, Longyan and Ningde had light rain.