Yin Tao lived to be the envy of a 40-year-old woman, the level of appearance and figure not lose little girl, wear what are beautiful

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Hello, everyone, I am BIU fashion, happy to share with you again star fashion and matching tips!I hope my article makes you more interested in fashion, so that you, who are good-looking, are more charming!Women with aura in the selection of clothing image will be a little more carefully, for example, they will choose to use all can add points for their clothing image, so in the selection of many clothing modeling, in fact, the most useful, is in the cold weather to choose to use the coat to match their own.Coat fashion recommendation long coat and in the selection of coat will generally be suggested to use some long coat, only the long coat will make their aura, and only this kind of long coat.Only then can let oneself fashion glamour present, a kind of quite advanced feeling, can let oneself figure appear more slender.It can also improve their charm more effectively, which is also an advantage when choosing a long coat, especially for older women, this is a classic image.This is a very sophisticated fashion advice when it comes to collocation and selection.Choose not but long coat clothing modelling and clothing item or have a lot of, for example some of the modelling of cardigan, or some suit of modelling, or is the modelling of some dust coat, and so on, the vogue of the long coat, can say is, each have each characteristics and making out of fashion effects are also very nice.Just when choosing this kind of long coat collocation, be about to add the design of a few extraordinary money, perhaps saying is the fashionable gimmick of a few more tide, such ability can highlight the glamour that comes out oneself.This is also for middle-aged women, a more important thing.What are the fashion elements of long coat color of fashion advice for middle-aged women, actually the most important thing is to choose to use some pure color long coat, because this kind of pure color long coat will be more high-end, just used some of the public in the selection of pure color design, like the girl too much modelling, don’t try.Generally recommended is that earth color or some dark shades are a good choice.And when choosing this kind of pure color fashion coat, you can also go into some of the more popular fashion modeling, so as to make their charm more effectively enhance.Clothing material is also recommended in the selection of clothing modeling, in fact, the material of clothing is also more important, when the weather is very cold clothing coat should use more thick material.When looking for chunky materials, it’s also nice to have some higher-end velvet options, in addition to the name-market options.That should choose exactly what material to match oneself, completely also depend on the local weather.As long as the selection of clothing materials, needless to say the kind of too grandiose lace or luck and strength of the thin unpadded upper garment model, you can let your long hair out of the market to get obvious promotion.The most important thing is that when choosing a long coat, it must be loosely combined, so that the fashion created will not appear so bloated. At the same time, only by using such loose and fleshy clothing modeling can you effectively cover up the flesh and make the fashion more advanced.This is one of the main reasons many people like to wear long coats to match themselves.In fact, when choosing this kind of long coat, a more important knowledge point is what kind of clothing should be matched with long coat and so on.If you want to make your femininity stand out a bit, you can wear a skirt with a long coat, which is enough to make your fatigue feel more perfect.But if you want to make their own image looks not that happy, then in the selected group, after then try using the modelling of dress, and the collocation of time don’t be too messy to use some of the fashion design, just enough to make sense of their own image get promoted, for the middle-aged, dress is a good choice.But if you want to make this image become some clean and clean feeling, then, in the collocation of time will suggest you to choose some long coat of the workplace outfit collocation, the visual effect of such an image looks like.More along with the simple, but also with some advanced visual sense, for a lot of women in the workplace, can be said to be a good classic collocation.Well, that’s it for this episode.Remember to follow BIU Fashion for more fashion matching tips.If you have more on this episode, feel free to share with BiU Fashion in the comments section.Don’t forget to like and bookmark this episode if it gives you some practical inspiration and we’ll see you next time.