Shenzhen lottery people random 5 note number, happy double color ball 10 million, want to give his wife a surprise!

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Shenzhen lottery people random 5 note number, happy double color ball 10 million, want to give his wife a surprise!For the lottery, many punters will choose your own Numbers, some people will be along with the gender, they will randomly chosen, but some people will think you choose number risk is bigger, because can choose a few more possible number, of course, is a kind of speculation at this moment, after all, the number of the lottery is no regularity, who also can’t choose the lottery Numbers from the charts of lottery tickets,Every time is their own feeling to choose, some lottery players will randomly choose the number, for them, the machine and optional two are the same.A lucky lottery player in Longgang district, Shenzhen, Guangdong province won the first prize of the current lottery. The winning ticket was a single 5-bet ticket. He spent only 10 yuan to win the grand prize of 10 million yuan.The second day after the lottery early in the morning, the winner Mr. Wang rushed to the city lottery center for cash procedures, indicating that the winner claimed the prize speed is very fast, it can also be seen that the winner in the lottery the night before the timely check lottery number.It is understood that Mr. Wang is a loyal fan of the double color ball, buy lottery for many years, has maintained the usual mentality, each phase of the investment is not a lot of money, but he often to the lottery shop to buy a lottery ticket to try his luck, but also can bring a small look forward to their own life.About Mr. Wang’s selection method, Mr. Wang said he was more casual, sometimes more relaxed, will choose a few notes of their own numbers, but more often or random selection of numbers.This time the winning number is selected at random, on the day of the lottery, Mr. Chen is the first time to check the lottery number, he learned that he got the prize, heart very excited, but didn’t tell the news to his wife, but the second day early in the morning, took his wife to the lottery center to accept, also be give yourself a big surprise.Wang is lucky, with pause will harvest the double chromosphere first prize, said again, there is no regularity, the lottery number punters and there is no need to spend too much time on the lottery, especially in the input amount of lottery tickets, Mr Wang was more rational, this issue is only spent ten dollars, suggesting that the lottery a little to do with how much,The most important thing is to rely on Mr. Wang’s own luck, when luck comes, random 5 note numbers will win the prize, luck for the lottery is how important.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Wang Erlan