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Feelings of this kind of thing, a look at the money, two look at the face, three look at dad.If you have nothing, there are still people willing to follow you to death, you really have to cherish, once missed, and then meet the next blind and stupid person is really not easy.If he misses you, he will.If he wants you, he will say;If he cares about you, he will show his heart.If these didn’t happen, then he doesn’t bother you with feelings, to pick up and put down, you come, I when you won’t go, you go, I when you didn’t come.All the way, you are you, I am me.I can’t do without you, but I’m better with you.A wise man will spoil his woman so that other men can not stand her bad temper;A douchebag man will use his temper to turn his woman into a woman who will never meet any man who is paying attention to her.Expired love is like a can of coke that has been opened for a long time. The taste is still there, but the original kick in the nose is no longer there.Some people like the way you tie your hair, some people like the way you wear your hair, so you hesitate to tie it or wear it, but you ignore, the people who really like you like you all the way.It is easy to call a wife, but hard to call an old woman;Hold a hand easy, hand accompanied by life is difficult;It’s easy to say I love you, but hard to say it to only one person from now on.Love is not a whim, but the decision to be together, then life is not separated.Love is like a pair of socks. The more unpleasant the socks look, the more likely they are to accompany you forever. The more beautiful socks you like, the less one is often present.In the past, people would pay a lot of costs for a relationship, such as giving up their ideals and opportunities.But now people, but can give up a relationship for these.Later, someone will give you a rose at 30 yuan, a lipstick at 300 yuan, a coat at 3,000 yuan, a bag at 30,000 yuan, but your love actually starts with a cup of milk tea at 3 yuan.The picture comes from network infringement link delete