Orchard lost management, yellow dragon disease rebound, Guangxi to strengthen prevention and control efforts

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In recent years, due to the significant increase of citrus planting area, market price fluctuations and other influences, guangxi citrus yellow dragon disease rebound obviously……In the past ten years, guangxi’s citrus industry has developed rapidly, the area of citrus planting and output has jumped to the top of the country, the output value of the whole industry has reached 100 billion yuan, guangxi’s agricultural characteristics and advantages of the industry, for farmers to make a significant contribution to increase income.However, in recent years, affected by the large increase of citrus planting area, market price fluctuation and so on, citrus greening disease in Guangxi rebound obviously.According to Guangxi citrus industry Association president Xu Liming revealed that from 2021, Guangxi citrus production areas from the south to the north for two consecutive outbreaks of woodlice, the whole area of orchards have been infected with varying degrees of citrus yellow dragon disease, the current epidemic spread faster, all regions need to increase prevention and control efforts, improve prevention and control awareness.Orchard loss of tube Spreading condition, the guangxi government released in guangxi citrus huanglong disease comprehensive prevention and control work plan (2021-2025) “(hereinafter referred to as the” scheme “), said in the citrus planting area is greatly increased, citrus market price volatility, warmer winters normalized factors, such as guangxi citrus rebound obvious, huanglong disease was scattered point outbreak,It is estimated that the citrus greening rate in 2021 will be between 8% and 10%, an increase of 2 to 4 percentage points compared with 2020.Preliminary investigation by guangxi Citrus industry Association found that nearly 20 percent of the citrus orchards in north Guangxi had been seriously lost or abandoned.An outbreak of psyllid in an abandoned orchard can cause yellow dragon disease, which rapidly invades the entire orchard and affects the surrounding area.”With the increase of planting area, the price of tangerine continues to decline. After some orchards fail to recover their costs, fruit farmers would rather go out to work than invest in human management of orchards, leading to serious loss or abandonment of orchards, which also creates favorable conditions for the spread of yellow dragon disease.”Huang Xifang, a large planter in Nanning who manages more than 1,700 mu of Tangan orchards, said that at present, guangxi should pay enough attention to the prevention and control of yellow dragon disease and guide growers to dispose of diseased trees in abandoned orchards as soon as possible to prevent the occurrence and development of yellow dragon disease.Regulations be born recently, strengthen the industry regulation of the plant protection unit in guangxi in nanning, the guest field investigation, to strengthen organizational leadership, compaction, comprehensively carry out the census, strictly implement the prevention and control technology, completes the propaganda, training and technical guidance, improve the management level of fruit and plant diseases and insect pests prevention and control of the enthusiasm, initiative.It is reported that during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Guangxi has obtained funds of more than 180 million yuan for the prevention and control of citrus greening disease.In September 2019, Guangxi issued the Country’s first local regulation on citrus Yellow dragon Disease prevention and control — The Regulations of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Citrus Yellow Dragon Disease Prevention and Control (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) to fulfill the responsibility of prevention and control and strengthen prevention and control efforts.However, due to many factors, the situation of citrus greening prevention and control in Guangxi is still serious.Xu liming suggested that the responsible parties should introduce a number of management measures and specific implementation rules matching the Regulations as soon as possible according to the actual situation, ensure the funds, manpower and material resources urgently needed for prevention and control of yellow dragon disease, and supervise the implementation of prevention and control measures.Control efforts, in order to improve fruit growers in guangxi in the “solution” makes it clear that the relevant departments at various levels shall strictly according to the regulations, and implement the responsibilities for remove disease tree, guide the loss of pipe, half lost orchard owner to halt production, orchard for unowned or no Labour can remove disease tree, by means of government purchase service of growers don’t cooperate with and can’t contact the owner of the orchard in accordance with the regulations in accordance with law, remove disease tree;It is necessary to mobilize fruit farmers to take the initiative to clear diseased trees, and appropriate rewards should be given to fruit farmers who actively clear diseased trees.In order to avoid the spread of citrus psyllid, we should guide villages to include the prevention and control of citrus psyllid into village rules and regulations, improve villagers’ consciousness of prevention and control of citrus psyllid, strictly follow the practice of killing psyllid first and then removing diseased trees;Governments at all levels should gradually establish a policy insurance system for the prevention and control of citrus greening disease, and improve the enthusiasm of fruit farmers to clear diseased trees.By the end of 2023, the disease rate should be controlled below 2.5%.By the end of 2025, the disease rate should be kept below 2 percent.Professional services to improve prevention and control efficiency Reporter survey found that some manufacturers currently promote biological organic fertilizer can treat yellow dragon disease, said that through fertilization or drug use can be completely prevention and control of yellow dragon disease.To this, be engaged in orange for a long time to do not have disease fine seed to breed the expert Bai Advanced that system works points out, at present international home does not have practical and feasible method to be able to cure huanglong disease, can reduce incidence of disease through prevention only, and need to clear disease tree in time.Studies have shown that psyllid is the only vector of citrus greening disease.In order to strengthen the prevention and control of yellow dragon disease, guangxi requires that each superior citrus producing area should set up monitoring network of epidemic (citrus psyllid) and equip with equipment of monitoring and trapping (trap core board), so as to accurately monitor the occurrence and decline of citrus psyllid and citrus psyllid.And timely release of monitoring and warning information, scientific guidance for the prevention and control of citrus psyllid, promote in early spring, spring tip, summer tip, autumn tip, late autumn tip, winter tip, before cutting diseased trees spraying unified killing of citrus psyllid.According to the plan, local governments can purchase services to reach agreements with professional service organizations, organize modern plant protection machinery such as plant protection drones to carry out large-scale and standardized control of citrus psyllids, and guide fruit farmers to actively participate in the control of citrus psyllids.At the same time, we supported the development of long-term basic research on citrus greening disease, and organized joint research on major scientific issues concerning citrus greening disease prevention and control.Accelerate the construction of cold chain logistics distribution system, develop rural e-commerce, cultivate rural e-commerce talent, promote the integration of online and offline (300959), realize the docking of citrus production and marketing more smoothly, avoid citrus unmarketable fruit base injury to farmers, orchard loss of management phenomenon, and then aggravate the outbreak of citrus yellow dragon disease.◆ Why do you say that 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