Liping County Hongzhou Town: “Party construction +861” model to promote industrial revitalization in the dam area

2022-05-30 0 By

In recent years, Hongzhou Town of Liping County has made use of the resource advantages of the dam area, through the industrial development mode of “Party building +861”, and cooperated with leading enterprises to further promote the adjustment of the industrial structure of the dam area, vigorously develop high-standard large-scale agricultural industry, and become a new engine for boosting rural revitalization.Guided by the Party construction, Hongzhou Town explores and innovates the “861” industrial development model. “8” is the “eight unification” : defining the responsibility of leading enterprises, unified cost accounting, unified organization of seedling, unified training and guidance, unified technical standards, unified agricultural insurance, unified procurement of agricultural materials, unified management team, unified guarantee purchase;”6″ refers to “six unification” : cooperatives are responsible for unified publicity, unified land transfer, unified labor organization, unified production management, unified financial management, unified implementation of harvest.”1″ means “one unity” : the farmer is responsible for the unity of planting according to requirements.In the process of agricultural development in promoting dam, HongZhou town in the early stage of the land circulation difficult problem, give full play to the party member’s cutting edge exemplary role and branch fighting bastion role, is a hard, targeted set out in the lease, with Clinton land, land for land circulation mode, such as let the masses with its demand to choose its own way of land lease.At present, the whole town and village collective land transfer in the dam area 3980 mu, accelerated the process of agricultural industry modernization.Through the “Party building +861” industrial development model, in 2021, under the leadership of the village Party branch, Hongzhou town in the dam area to develop sweet taro planting 2,000 mu, cash to the hands of the masses of land rent 2,786,000 yuan, pay the masses labor wages 2,865 million yuan, the town village collective economic income 3,399,600 yuan.