Chang’s departure from Xiaomi means not every outside executive is Lu Weibing

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Avengers?Is it Marvel? Is it a video game?No, I’m thinking of xiaomi executives.In 2019-20, Xiaomi ushered in several senior executives, including Lu Weibing, Chang Cheng, Yang Zhe and Zeng Xuezhong, who were previously executives of other brands, including founders and ceos, leading to the company’s senior leadership once dubbed the Avengers by netizens.However, with The departure of Yang zhe, the name “Avengers” seems to have become meaningless.Chang Cheng, former group vice president and general manager of Xiaomi’s mobile product division, has left the company for personal reasons, the company announced in an internal document.This is another senior executive of Xiaomi who left after Yang Zhe, and the permanent job will be replaced by an internal promotion.As the former head of Lenovo’s mobile phone business, Chang’s entry has been placed high hopes by Xiaomi and mi fans.Many are hoping that the “all-rounder”, with his capabilities in hardware, software and marketing, will help Xiaomi on its way to the top.Unfortunately, chang’s development has not been smooth in the two years since he joined Xiaomi, and it is only a matter of time for him to leave xiaomi.There is no denying that Chang Cheng is a controversial figure.But before jumping ship to Xiaomi, Chang was seen as the heart and soul of Lenovo’s phones.He joined Lenovo in 2000 and worked in Lenovo for 19 years. He took charge of various software development work for a long time and created core mobile applications such as Lenovo Music Store and Aubergine Kuaizuan.In 2015, Chang became CEO of Lenovo ZUK, taking full charge of Lenovo’s mobile business under the leadership of Chen Xudong, then president and CEO of The mobile business Group.When it comes to Lenovo’s mobile phone, perhaps many people still have the impression of the non-smartphone era when “China Cool Union” dominated.After entering the era of smart phones, lenovo Lephone series started well, but with the influx of Internet manufacturers such as Xiaomi, lenovo’s mobile Phone market share was seriously divided up.In the end, Chang Cheng was confronted with a “mess” of confusing product planning ideas, almost disappearing channel resources and declining brand awareness.It may not be possible to turn Lenovo’s phones back from the dead, but the constant routine of accepting orders in the face of crisis has made lenovo’s phones somewhat better.After sorting out the product line, Lenovo launched the Z5 series of mobile phones in 2018, whose excellent cost performance brought lenovo mobile phone sales growth for a long time, and the sales volume of Lenovo mobile phone also unexpectedly entered the top ten domestic brands in that year.Not only that, as the flagship product of Lenovo Z5 series, Lenovo Z5 Pro GT 855 edition is equipped with the leading slideout full-screen design at that time, and also debuts qualcomm Snapdragon 855 flagship processor. These two selling points also enable Lenovo mobile phone to successfully grab rare market attention.From the design ideas of this product, we can also see some foresight of Chang Cheng in capturing hardware trends.Of course, in addition to software and hardware research and development ability, Chang Cheng gives us the deepest impression, should be his marketing ability.At that time, Lenovo’s mobile phone market share was small and its brand voice was small. In order to maintain the popularity of Lenovo’s mobile phone, Chang Cheng made crazy use of marketing means of “popularity” on social media to associate its brand with its friends, thus winning the title of “Magneto”.Although this marketing method is more malignant, but Lenovo at that time can be active in everyone’s vision, chang Cheng this means is indispensable.In addition to the traditional advertising promotion, the social platform dominated by Sina Weibo has become an important position for mobile phone manufacturers’ marketing.In theory, Chang cheng can not only advise Xiaomi on product development, but also help it with marketing campaigns, a perfect match.Unfortunately, it’s all just theory.Chang’s xiaomi career has certainly failed to meet expectations in terms of results.Can reflect this more intuitively, is millet 10 youth version.As a product in charge of product planning, product design and marketing activities by Chang Cheng, mi 10 Youth edition can be considered as chang Cheng’s first work to Xiaomi, but the performance of this work has made all the spectators surprised.As a Xiaomi model released in the first half of this year, mi 10 Youth edition has few highlights in terms of configuration. Its Snapdragon 765G processor is mediocre, even worse than the Tianji 820 processor carried by Redmi 10X.The machine only 4160mAh battery capacity, support 20W fast charge, the endurance is not enough as its selling point;A single speaker, a cheap OLED drip screen, and only a telephoto lens are good enough.In my opinion, the biggest problem is product pricing.Xiaomi 10 youth version of the starting price set at 2099 yuan, considering the same price at that time Redmi K30 Commemorative edition, Redmi K30S and lower price Redmi K30 5G, Redmi 10X and other products, in its flagship 2000 yuan price of the terminal market, this product is obviously the lack of sufficient competitiveness.A variety of product defects, so that the mi 10 youth version in sales and heat have not achieved any results.From the sales point of view, in the aircraft released a month later, JINGdong Alliance shows that product sales is only barely over ten thousand, so far may still not break through the trial.Xiaomi even slashed the price of the product in the second half of 2020 in an effort to quickly clear the shelves, to no avail.In addition to the product is not good, marketing is a major mistake has become a big stain on changcheng Mi career.In order to promote the mi 10 youth version of the most prominent 50 times zoom function, Chang Cheng actually issued on weibo “secretly taking pictures of girls’ dormitories”, “secretly taking pictures of boys’ crotch” such publicity copywriting, which not only let mi 10 youth version of the word of mouth damage, but also directly damaged the brand image of Mi itself.With marketing incidents brewing and mi 10 youth edition’s poor sales, Chang Cheng seems to have suddenly lost its original vitality.According to Tencent “deep net” internal information, it is because of a series of negative events caused by chang Cheng, Lei Jun is actually not satisfied with chang Cheng.In the year that followed, it was hard to hear anything more about chang Cheng, except for a xiaomi 10S, “old wine in a new bottle”.Until today, the journey of millet of chang Cheng, ended up in despair eventually.Since the listing, Xiaomi will be in the “collection of executives” on the road all the way, first ushered in the full fighting Lu Weibing, and then Chang Cheng, Yang Zhe, Zeng Xuezhong and other “friends of business Boss” have also joined, this phenomenon has also been dubbed by netizens as “avengers alliance”.Going into 2021, however, the momentum seems to have slowed.Xiaomi senior management not only did not join the “new”, but is to send away a lot of “old”.Yang Zhe, who had been working for xiaomi for less than a year, announced her resignation as vice president due to health reasons.Then he decided to leave lenovo’s mobile business behind and announced his resignation as vice president of Xiaomi for personal reasons.The number of executives falling out of Mr Lei’s “dream team”, which he recruited so vigorously, is growing.For such a weak company as Xiaomi, “recruiting talent” is indeed a fast and powerful way.Given the company’s track record, the executives who joined later did bring remarkable results.In particular, Lu Weibing, after joining Xiaomi, assumed the responsibilities of president of China and General manager of Redmi brand, and led Redmi to conquer territory and achieve the two core goals of “implementing cost-effectiveness” and “matching glory”.In addition, zeng Xuezhong, the former CEO of ZTE, is also a key member of the “external executives”. As a veteran with more than 20 years of experience in the communications industry, Zeng Xuezhong was promoted from the group vice president to the senior vice president only eight months after taking over the CEO business of several Xiaomi subsidiaries from Lei Jun.Now he has taken over the position of general manager of mobile phone Product Department from Chang Cheng, which shows that his business ability exceeds expectations.Of course, this style of recruiting mainly “outside executives” is a blow to Xiaomi’s existing employees.Xiaomi’s internal promotion space has long been criticized because of “external executives” in its core decision-making circle.That’s why the company stressed that chang’s job would be replaced by an internal promotion after his departure.Xiaomi does need some fresh faces from within its rapidly expanding executive team.Most importantly, for Xiaomi, the acquisition of a big name in the industry does not represent a “safe world”.Smartisan has gathered industry leaders such as Li Jianye, Qian Chen and Chi Jianqiang, but it didn’t make Smartisan famous in the end.If Xiaomi wants to make achievements, want to successfully impact the high-end market, the last thing to rely on is to make solid products.