CBRC: on the prevention of fraud in the name of “official payment” risk tips

2022-05-30 0 By

Source:Silver circ on the prevention of fraud in the name of “official collection” risk warning monitoring found that recently, some sites, WeChat group, QQ group, social media account, such as silver posing as the name of the circ, claims to be the official collection channels, and induce the P2P network credit lenders pay deposit, on P2P network subprime lenders attempt to fraud, potential risks exist.CBRC has not set up or authorized the establishment of P2P network lending institutions collection channels.P2P lenders are requested to be vigilant, enhance risk prevention awareness and identification ability, and confirm the relevant payment channels with P2P lending institutions or local regulation offices in a timely manner. If you find suspected criminal clues, please actively report to the public security and other relevant departments.Special Regulation Office of Online Lending Risk January 30, 2022