A 14-year-old girl who died suddenly in Hunan province in 1976 and was buried was told 24 years later that her daughter was buried alive

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Xu chunsheng’s daughter had been dead for more than 20 years, but one day, a fellow villainer named Zhou Lizhen came to xu’s home with news that shocked him.Her daughter, who had been dead for more than 20 years, was still alive. They had buried her alive!What’s going on here?Is zhou Lizhen’s words true or false?Mr. Xu questioned Mr. Zhou carefully about how he learned the news, and Ms. Zhou told him that she learned it two years ago from a conversation with an elderly man on a fishing boat returning from Sichuan to her home province of Hunan.An old man talked to Zhou lizhen on a fishing boat, and the two started chatting.Chatting, the old man brought up a past event 20 years ago, said zhou Lizhen’s hometown community port town, there is a particularly cruel people, even his own daughter buried alive.More than 20 years ago, the old man was passing by a graveyard in Shegang town when he heard the sound of crying from afar, which made the old man shiver at night.But when the old man listened carefully, it sounded like the cry of a living man.He went straight down to the grave and began to dig. When he opened the coffin, he was shocked.Inside lay a crying big girl out of breath!The old man hurriedly asked who the girl was and why she was in the coffin, but because the girl was frightened and confused, the old man had to take her back to his home.The girl was Xu Chunsheng’s buried daughter, Xu Suping, who was only 14 years old at the time.Later, because the old man to go out to work in Sichuan, and the girl frightened what also can not say clearly, the old man can not leave the girl, so simply take care of her in the side, rescued Xu Suping also left home, and family cut off contact.It was not until more than 20 years later that the old man accidentally met Zhou Lizhen, who was going back to Shegang town, on the boat that he casually talked about it again.Zhou Lizhen, who heard this at that time, realized that the girl was Xu Chunsheng’s daughter, but because he also had to go out to work, so he had not told Xu Chunsheng.It was not until two years later that she returned to Shegang town and rushed to Xu chunsheng’s home to tell them the news.Although Xu is a little skeptical, he and his wife hope their daughter is still alive.But things have passed more than 20 years, why Zhou Lizhen will suddenly come to tell him the news?This makes him suspect zhou Lizhen has ulterior motives.Neighbors also advised Xu not to trust Zhou Lizhen, afraid she is a swindler deliberately to cheat money.And Zhou Lizhen is also very aggrieved, his good intentions to send a message, but was misunderstood.And when he heard this thing, should have told the Xu family immediately, but because he had to go to work, and delayed so long.In this way, let Zhou Lizhen very uncomfortable, both feel sorry xu family, but xu family’s distrust and let her suffer.In desperation, Xu simply spent a sum of money to determine the authenticity of the news.Had to call professional lie detector division and psychologist, through hypnosis and lie detector test, this confirmed Zhou Lizhen’s statement.Xu chunsheng and his wife were pleasantly surprised by the news that their daughter was still alive.So why was the daughter buried alive?How could the Xu chunsheng couple make such a mistake?It was 20 years ago that my daughter got sick and was hastily buried.In 1976, Xu Suping was still a student. Although she was very obedient and studied well, she was always not energetic.As a child with nephritis, so she has not been in good health.Because she was ill at that time, she often had to ask for leave to recuperate at home.Then one day, Xu Suping, as usual, and the family sitting together to eat, eating but suddenly upside down.This gave the family a fright.His brother Xu Hangping was quick with his eyes and hands. He quickly held his sister Xu Suping and shook her a few times, but Xu Suping did not have any reaction.The mother also quickly put down the chopsticks, ran to her daughter’s side, choking her daughter, while giving her heart resuscitation.Unfortunately, it didn’t work.Looking at her daughter’s increasingly pale face, Xu Suping’s mother, more and more terrified.At this time, the father Xu Chunsheng is also confused, the family like ants on a hot pot, do not know what to do.One family emergency rescue Xu Suping for a long time, but Xu Suping also did not have any reaction, finally the mother trembling hands, to explore xu Suping’s breath.This probe directly scared the mother collapsed to the ground, Xu Suping unexpectedly did not breathe.Xu chunsheng’s heart clunked, but as the head of the family, he kept calm and hurried to the town health clinic to summon the doctor to his home.When the doctor simply checked the pulse and heartbeat of Xu Suping, helplessly shook his head, said there was no breath, he also can’t do, or prepare for the afterlife!The words struck down the whole family like a bolt from the blue.Grief-stricken Xu Chunsheng had to quickly prepare for his daughter’s funeral, because there is a custom in the village, if no adult children die suddenly and unexpectedly, they need to be buried immediately, if not, it will be unlucky.In the face of sudden changes, Xu Chunsheng endure great grief, contact to prepare the coffin.But the general coffin is scheduled in advance, daughter Xu Suping went suddenly, even the coffin is too late to do.This made the lost daughter’s mother even more grief, can not help but burst into tears, helpless, Xu Chunsheng had to use the broken door, for his daughter’s coffin overnight.This time is already in the middle of the night, Xu Chunping and find a few people to help, put her daughter in the coffin, and all carried to the distant woods ready to bury her daughter.But while everyone was busy preparing for the burial, everyone was missing one crucial thing.Generally speaking, when normal people die, they get rigor mortis.But Xu Suping did not breathe four hours later, the body still has temperature, and still soft.It is this omission that leads to the rest of the story.In the dead of night, a group of people carrying the coffin were walking on the road. They were very nervous and seemed to hear something, but everyone dared not speak, so they bravely buried the coffin and hurried back home.It was not until the next day that Xu chunsheng and his wife hurried back to the grave and saw something that surprised them.Only to see the coffin was dug out, the coffin plate was also opened.And the inside Of Xu Suping but disappeared.Such a strange thing, can not help but let Xu Chunsheng and his wife hit a chill.Is it really about getting into something bad?Who took the daughter’s body?The incident soon spread through the village and people began to talk about it.Xu Suping was buried that night, there are many people heard strange things in the coffin, everyone is very afraid, feel that there seems to be something unclean.Plus the next day, Xu Suping’s body disappeared, more unavoidably let a person many bad guess.Some people think that they were buried with something unclean, while some villagers deny this baseless claim.Guess may be a tomb robber, for money to the Tomb to steal Xu Suping.But that doesn’t seem to hold up either, as tomb robbers tend to rob tombs containing ancient artifacts in order to make money.In this village are all poor families, Xu Suping was hastily buried, there is certainly nothing valuable.Grave robbers don’t go to great lengths to rob a grave for a small one.Others say a nearby wild animal may have dug her up and eaten her.In the past, the villages were remote, and there were often wild animals nearby. Some people would be eaten by wild animals when they went out.Now, there is no other reasonable explanation for the disinterment of his daughter’s grave and the disappearance of her body.So Xu chunsheng and his wife could only accept this argument, because they really couldn’t figure it out. They had been honest all their lives and had no enemies.If it was not a beast that took her, was it something unclean?The wife thought of her daughter’s tragic fate, and could not help crying again at her daughter’s grave, my poor daughter!You left so young, how come you didn’t even leave a body!In this way, Xu chunsheng and his wife accepted the death of their daughter with regret. Twenty years later, they were surprised to learn that their daughter was still alive one day.When sure zhou Lizhen did not lie, Xu Chunsheng asked Zhou Lizhen where their daughter, Zhou Lizhen side but something went wrong.3. The couple had been searching for their daughter for 20 years without success. After chatting with the old man at that time, the old man wrote a piece of paper on which was Xu Suping’s current address.But Zhou could not remember where the note had been thrown.When Xu chunsheng and his wife heard the news, they did not know whether to laugh or cry.They were relieved that she was alive, but now they had no idea where she was.At that time, the psychological consultant xu chunsheng had contacted before came up with an idea.He said that through hypnosis can mobilize people’s subconscious, there is a way to let Zhou Lizhen recall the content of the note, so Zhou Lizhen accepted hypnosis, to recall that the note is their own dinner, was accidentally robbed.And about the contents of the note, she only remembered a Qi Shan.Xu Chunsheng and his wife then found Gansu according to this clue and asked around, but there was no news of their daughter.So Xu Chunping couple began to rely on the power of the public, everywhere released missing person notice, but also contacted the police, will be included in the daughter of missing people, hoping to have insiders can provide clues.For more than 20 years, xu and his wife never gave up looking for their daughter.But some people in the village said that after all these years, if she wanted to come back, she would have come back long ago, and there was no point in looking for her.There was some truth in the village’s argument, for the daughter was then fourteen years old, and she remembered many things, and she must have remembered her home.And at that time followed the old man who saved him, may be that his parents do not want him, so he also simply walked away, leave the home.But Xu Chunping couple has not given up, Xu Chunping often have nothing to go to the relevant departments to inquire about the news of her daughter, passing by the post office also want to go in and ask, the couple also issued a notice on the television network, looking forward to her daughter to see the news, you can contact yourself, the family can be reunited.But after more than 20 years, Xu chunping and his wife did not look forward to any news of their daughter.The misunderstanding like a drama, let Xu Chunping couple be immersed in deep remorse however.I don’t know because Xu Suping misunderstood his parents, or because he really lost his memory.No matter what, parents’ love for their children is beyond doubt.When Xu Chunping was interviewed, he also said that he understood his daughter’s temper, maybe her daughter was disappointed with her parents, so she left without contacting them.Xu Chunping also full of guilt said, if it is really like this, I also understand her daughter’s practice, only hope that her daughter can have a happy happiness.As the saying goes, blood is thicker than water.In those days things are all kinds of misunderstanding contributed to, if Xu Suping received the news that her parents are looking for her, I hope she can give parents a chance to explain, may also be able to unlock their own knot, the family reunion again, good the rest of the time.