Liuzhi No.1 Middle School senior three teachers and students returned to school to prepare for the college entrance examination

2022-05-29 0 By

February 7th, the seventh day of the first lunar month, facing the rare bright spring sun, liuzhi No.1 Middle School senior three students have returned to school by the wrong peak, and formal classes began on the 8th.Facing the new semester, new journey, new challenges, the graduating class teachers and students full of confidence, actively prepare for the college entrance examination.Starting from 2 PM on Sunday, students of senior three in high school wore masks and turned on wechat health codes. Some students from the affected areas also held paper certificates of negative nucleic acid tests within 48 hours and lined up to take temperature measurements one meter apart in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control.Leaders on duty, teachers and security personnel were waiting at the school gate early to welcome the students.Even though the teachers and students were wearing masks, their excitement and happiness could be felt by those around them.Some students elbowed and high-fived their teachers to celebrate their return to school.”There are still 120 days to go before the college entrance examination. I hope everyone will soon get used to the stressful and orderly study life. There will be an adaptation examination for the city’s senior three students on 21st and 22nd.Students, come on!”At the school gate to meet the students of senior three teachers, constantly encourage and remind students;The students are full of spirit and fighting spirit.According to the convention, senior three students are under great pressure in study and are prone to anxiety.In order to effectively do a good job of psychological counseling, after the beginning of the third grade, the class teacher held a class meeting on the evening of 7th, to carry out psychological adjustment and deal with class affairs, so as to ensure the formal class on 8th.At present, the prevention and control of the epidemic has been under normal management, and the study, production and life of the whole region are in an orderly way.According to the regulations of the Education Department of Guizhou Province, the third grade of senior three and junior three in ordinary middle schools will be reported to school on February 7, and classes will start on February 8, while the second grade of senior one and junior two, junior one and primary school will be reported to school on February 27, and classes will start on February 28.Tao Yuxin, First Middle School of Liuzhi Special Zone;Braiding hair: Zhang Yong