Linchuan District Maopai township convenient service center intimate service was praised by the masses

2022-05-29 0 By

Dajiang network/Fuzhou Toutiao client reporter Zhang Qingxiang reported: service villagers, let them feel close, is linchuan District Maopai township convenient service staff has been concerned about the problem, April 8, Linchuan District Maopai Township Maopai Village Ms. Zhang took the staff’s hand said:”I did not expect that you would also door-to-door service, but it is really very convenient, we have nothing to worry about, you are really our friends.”Originally, Ms. Zhang called maopai Township convenience service center, which said: “my mother’s pension has not received the account, do not know what happened, is there something wrong?”Center staff members to Ms. Zhang detailed understanding of the situation.Knowing that Ms. Zhang’s mother is 91 years old and sick in bed this year, the pension stopped because she did not timely do the survival certification in the first half of the year, so the convenience service center staff with relevant documents, came to the door to do the certification for the elderly, and told Ms. Zhang that her mother’s pension can be received next month.In the future, the center will better carry out various services, let the villagers recognize, to realize the service concept of “everyone for me, I for everyone”.