How to press down the hydraulic lever of the bed

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How to press the hydraulic rod of the bed: 1, put the hand on the top of the bed plate, and press down forcibly.2, when the bed plate is stressed, the hydraulic rod will press down until the plane position of the bed.3, hand press, to control the strength, when we feel the hydraulic rod in the contraction, can reduce the strength, the bed plate will slowly press to the plane position.4. If there is something stuck between the hydraulic rods, it will make it unable to press down, so check the position.What is the hydraulic rod of the bed:1, hydraulic rod work relies mainly on the oil pressure, a cylinder with a hole clearance, valve stem and lifter clearance and check valve lifter, put the bed board lifted to use hydraulic pole can put the top of the bed, when installing hydraulic rod bed board and hydraulic pole position of strong point contact pressure is too big, when I was in bed board lifted, easy to cause fracture, bed boardReconfigure the iron shelves or choose a thicker bed board.2, when hydraulic lifter began to work, as there is no oil pressure cavity, so the lifter plunger at the bottom, a column and valve clearance is bigger, the valve to produce a short sound, also is the hydraulic principle within certain mechanical and electronic systems, relying on the static pressure of liquid medium, complete the backlog of energy, transmission, amplification, maximize the mechanical function of the light,.3, due to the plunger in a column by the force of small, do not produce compression valve spring force, so when the lifter and achieve very hour valve clearance, no longer lifter motion, at the same time because of the effect of the check valve inside a column, a column hydraulic plunger cavity can’t discharge quickly, makes the plunger remain in situ fixed form rigid and maintain the original length, so as to push the valve to open,As the engine runs, the valve clearance maintains a certain clearance.