Do not throw away peanut shells during the Chinese New Year. They are the “treasure” of flower cultivation.

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During the Spring Festival, the family will prepare a lot of melon seeds, peanuts and other nuts. After we eat the kernel inside, their shells are often discarded.These nut shells actually contain a lot of fiber, which when added to the soil makes the soil more porous and breathable.Plants take root more easily and grow better in loose soil.And the shell itself is rich in a variety of nutrients, decomposition is also a fertilizer.Here we take peanut shell as an example, to introduce the method of making fruit shell flower fertilizer: method of making first we have to shell the peanut, the shell collected in plastic bags.Be sure to use peanuts without salt or spices, as salt can damage the root system.Add a little water.As long as the peanut shell is moist.Tie up the plastic bag and put it in the sun to ferment.It takes about 3 months for fermentation in winter and 2 months for fermentation in other seasons. When the peanut shell in the bag is black and soft, it will be crushed when pinched.This kind of fertilizer can be mixed with the soil and used for planting plants (in any proportion), or it can be used directly in small amounts in POTS of already planted plants.1. Pay attention to the use of fruit shells without salt and other spices, salt will damage the root system, be sure to remember.2. In addition to peanut shells, fruit shells such as melon seed shells and pine nut shells can be used in this way to make fertilizer.