【 Anhui inspection war “epidemic” 】 Lu ‘an Jin ‘an: April days that a touch of “women red”

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In the joint fight against the epidemic, they are the backbone of the business, the “all-rounders” and the “half of the sky” of the procuratorial work.In life, they are wives, mothers, daughters, is the family warm rely on.War “epidemic” moment, they have a new identity – prosecution war “epidemic” person.In this epidemic prevention war without smoke, 40 female police officers of Jin ‘an District Procuratorate resolutely stood in the front line of fighting against “epidemic”, whether “front line” or “rear”, they are in their own way to participate in the epidemic “containment war”, with action to interpret the original aspiration and mission of the procuratorial women.”Now the unit is so busy, lying at home is not at ease.My family was really opposed at the beginning, but I gradually communicated with them and they gradually understood my work.”Yang Caihong, secretary of the Second Party Branch of the Jin ‘an District Procuratorate and deputy director of the Comprehensive Business Department, has just finished surgery. She should have been in bed and still rushed to the front line of epidemic prevention and control.At the community card point, she dressed up as a volunteer and did her best to add safety to the community by registering people, taking their temperatures and checking the “double code”.She took responsibility for house home side for everyone’s need to take care of two children, one side is a menacing epidemic prevention and control, but in this particular period, the outbreak is the command, jin ‘an district procuratorate fourth prosecution prosecutors michille gave up their holidays and two children get along with time, joined the fight the battle of “disease”, inspection certificates, inquiring information, publicity and persuasion when she goes,Patiently explain epidemic prevention and control knowledge and guide residents to properly handle the epidemic.She with civilian purpose Hold position in time do to visit the city during the static management, regarding luan jin ‘an district people’s procuratorate public visits reception site temporarily shut down, but as the hub of the masses, such as lawyers reception work, 12309 prosecution service center can’t completely shut down, must be orderly operation, it also became a comprehensive business department clerks zhang jie’s first priority, in order to effectively reduce the gathering,Zhang Jie actively guided the public and lawyers to inquire about the case procedure information through the “12309 China Procuratorial Network” or by telephone, and coordinated the public and lawyers to submit scanned copies or send relevant materials by mail, so as to ensure the normal handling of all kinds of cases.She carries the party members’ beginner’s mind Interpretation youth bear after 95 assistant prosecutor dan-dan hong, just graduated to work less than half a year she has yet to shed the campus green, in the face of sudden outbreak, as a communist party member, she actively involved in the community the epidemic prevention and control tasks, when the village “keeper” of the epidemic prevention and control, prevention and control knowledge “narrator”, the “servant” of the masses,Interpret the beautiful youth in its prime with its own practical actions.The current epidemic they unload the tenderness, put on the armor retrograde, that one wipes in the April day “female red” has become epidemic prevention and control of a line is the most beautiful scenery of anhui procuratorial new media product audit source | 丨 guo wei jin procuratorial WeChat public number words | QiRenHui edit | Leon send email 丨 ahjcxmt@163.com