A scholar stays at a deserted temple at night. He sees an old monk carrying a white lantern in his room. Taoist Priest: Don’t make any noise

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In the Ming Dynasty, there was a scholar named Zhao Li in Jiangsu province.This zhao official reading is very hard, but the day does not wish, for several years did not pass the imperial examination, he saw old age, can not help but disheartened, decided to give up fame, indulge in landscape.In the early years, zhao officials had a lot of wealth at home, which allowed him to have food and clothing.So, armed only with a bookcase, he travelled about in the hope of gaining his knowledge.This day, Zhao officials to a named white poplar town on the small town to rest.Early in the morning, he asked the shopkeeper, “Shopkeeper, is there any famous scenery nearby that can be enjoyed by tourists?”The shopkeeper thought for a while and said, “This is a small town, and there are no tourists at ordinary times. If the scenery is beautiful, there is a pavilion on the brigi Mountain in the west. When the sun rises, you can have a view of the whole town at the foot of the mountain.”Hearing this, the official of the State of Zhao was also very interested, thinking: “I have already walked quite a bit of those famous sceneries, but they are not of much interest either. Perhaps these wild scenery will have something else to offer.”So he packed his bags and went west to Blue Chicken Mountain.Out of the town, there was a wild road, passing a small mountain village, to reach the foot of the mountain.Zhao officials walked in the field for most of the day, in the evening, he saw an old Taoist priest with a cow walking head on.The old Taoist priest was unkempt, his clothes were messy, and he wore trousers like a peasant.Zhao zi saw him interesting, could not help but look at a few eyes.The old Taoist priest also looked at him and suddenly said: “Young man, the poor Taoist see you have a bloody disaster!”Hearing this, zhao zhao smiled and said, “Why, can the old way of herding cattle also tell fortune?”The old Taoist priest stared at him and said, “You young man, poor Daoist reminds you well, but you don’t believe it!After a few days, you will know for yourself.”Then the old man walked away angrily.Zhao officials usually travel around, also saw a lot of fortune tellers living, full of nonsense Taoist, also did not take it to heart.After a night’s rest in a small mountain village, he went up alone the next day.The blue Chicken Mountain usually no visitors, high forest.Having lost his way in the woods, he had been delayed for quite a while, and had not yet reached the top of the mountain until this evening.Seeing that it was getting dark, I had to find shelter at once.At that moment, he suddenly found a ruined temple in front of him. He hurried there and thought, “Let the ruined temple be ruined. Although it is rather shabby, at least it has a roof over his head.”Zhao officials walked into the temple, saw the temple Buddha dumped, the case of the offerings long moldy, everywhere fell full of ash, but also a cobweb.Just as he was looking around, an old monk came out noiselessly and startled him.”This eminent monk, the young man happened to pass by here. Now it is late. Can the young man stay here for one night?”Zhao zhao hurriedly saluted the old monk.The old monk didn’t say anything, just nodded, picked up the broom in the corner, and left.The zhao official felt that his behavior was very strange, and said to himself, “Forget it, living alone in the wild mountains, he does not deal with people, so it is normal to be eccentric.”With this in mind, he followed the steps of the old monk and found several empty rooms behind the temple, none of which were locked.So, zhao zhao opened the door one by one to check, this can not see, in one of the rooms, found a black coffin.The coffin, tangled in dark red ink, had a distinctly eerie smell compared with the ruined temple.Zhao zhao did not believe in ghosts, but he did not want to live with the coffin in the same room, but when he looked at the other rooms, there were weeds and snakes, insects, rats and ants everywhere, and the ground was too wet to live in.The coffin room alone had not only a bed, but also a clean sweep.”Forget it, forget it, nothing!”The zhao official had to comfort himself and rest in the house.In spite of this, he kept tossing and turning at night, thinking: “It would be bad if some apparition appeared in the middle of the night in these wild mountains.”At midnight, Zhao officials heard footsteps outside, is coming towards this room.He got up and went to the window and hid behind the curtain.The door was gently opened, and it turned out to be the old monk whom I had seen in the daytime, holding a white lantern in his hand.The zhao official was relieved and thought, “Is this old monk coming to see if I have slept well?I never expected him to be so kind at heart as he seemed so queer.”As he spoke, he was about to speak, but his mouth was muffled, and a voice whispered in his ear, “Be quiet!”Zhao officials turned a look, but saw that it was the day encountered cattle Lao Dao, I do not know when has turned in from the window.See the old road with a serious look, zhao officials also noticed what, and then see the old monk, the hands of the white paper lantern is very familiar, clearly is the eternal light of the dead talent!I saw the old monk in the room, slowly turn around, the movement is very stiff, under the light of his face blue, eyes closed, not like a living person.He did not notice the two officials and left slowly after a long time.After waiting for the old monk to go, zhao officials relieved, to that cattle old way of address also changed: “Long, this is how to return a responsibility?The old Taoist priest said, “Alas!The old monk was originally a monk in this ruined temple. Later, he was beheaded by the county for his evil deeds. For fear that his anger would turn into a evil ghost after his death, his coffin was parked here.After his death, he did not go to the reincarnation, but here to linger, carrying a white lantern, intent on murdering passers-by.But with the magic of the Poor Way, if you keep quiet, he won’t find you.”After hearing this, zhao was afraid and quickly thanked the old Taoist priest.The old Taoist priest waved his hand and said, “I am just doing some good within my power. But you, I see you have some destiny as a literary star. Why don’t you take the imperial examination instead of wandering around?”Zhao officials will try their own experience, said out, but the old Taoist priest said: “that is your fate has not arrived, if the fate arrived, nature will be in!”After dawn, zhao officials said goodbye to the old Taoist priest, returned home, began to prepare for the exam.Strange to say, this year’s imperial examination, Zhao li really high school three a, later also became a senior official.Still thinking about this experience, he specially found several eminent monks and went to the ruined temple to pass over the old monk, and then buried the coffin.From then on, no traveler was killed.: This story is a fictional original folk story, based on folklore, strange tales, myths, stories, legends, etc., aimed at inheriting, expanding and developing Chinese folk cultural heritage, not linked to feudal superstition.