Wang Ying led a team to investigate the resumption of work and production of enterprises in the city of Science and Technology

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In the morning of February 9th, Wang Ying, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee, district head and head of chuzhou Higher Education science and technology Innovation Management and Service Center led a team to the production workshops of some enterprises in The Science and technology innovation City to investigate the situation of enterprises resuming work and production after the holiday, to help enterprises solve problems and overcome difficulties for the development of the project to increase confidence and boost energy.Yu Qingzhong, deputy head of the district government, Zhang Feng, deputy director of chuzhou Higher Education Science and technology Innovation Management Service Center, and heads of relevant departments of the district government office, economy and information, science and technology, human resources and social security attended the survey.”How is the output value last year, how are the staff on duty, and what are the difficulties in the development of the enterprise?”Wang Ying went into shanyue technology production workshop and had in-depth communication with the enterprise leaders to learn about recruitment, production plan, development plan and other situations in detail. She also sent greetings and wishes for the New Year.After learning that shanyue’s output value achieved 1.5 million yuan last year, it is expected to achieve 1 million yuan in the first quarter and 5 million yuan in the whole year, Wang Ying fully affirmed the good development trend of the enterprise, encouraged the enterprise to accelerate the layout around the industrial chain, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, and constantly improve the core competitiveness.Production plants at Dreamwing and Hengchuang are busy, with the company running at full capacity in line with its first-quarter production targets.Wang Ying knows about the company’s technology research and development, production and sales, and requires the company to organize production scientifically, fully release production capacity, implement safety responsibilities, and sprint the annual target at full speed.Wang Ying also inspected the production and operation of New Century Environmental Protection Company.She asked relevant departments to take the initiative to connect, strengthen services, implement various policies to help enterprises benefit enterprises and stabilize enterprises, to solve the problems of enterprise management in order to create a good environment for enterprise development.The person in charge of the enterprise should do a solid job in the safety measures, establish a new development concept, strictly observe the two bottom lines of safety and environmental protection, compaction work responsibility, clear development ideas, refine the work measures, to ensure that the construction of each project efficient promotion.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: