The national football team was taught by Vietnam, the scene of the fans’ expression distressed!Beijing media said the players were afraid

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The Chinese men’s football and Vietnam men’s football match, this thought we can have a good year, at least most people think or can win the ball, the result did not expect, than playing The Japanese team even more tragic, but also a disgrace, is simply a disgrace!All do not come back, stay there for the New Year.Only twice in World Cup qualifying history have China come back from 2-0 down, 4-2 against Saudi Arabia and 7-2 against Laos. Is there any hope this time?Both sides of the fans form a sharp contrast, Vietnam side, jubilant, jubilant, gongs and drums noisy, firecrackers, as if into the World Cup as excited, after all, they did not win us, now see the hope of winning, can not excited?On the other hand, the Chinese football fans look ugly and have no eyes. They are all covered in circles. They don’t want to watch the game anymore.You come all the way to watch the match to cheer up the National football team, but you get this reward. Don’t give up, don’t do it, why not use these human and material resources elsewhere?Sports’ media heavyweights also weighed in, mostly derisive.Yu Jing: If it goes on like this, the national team will probably steal the show from other local Spring Festival gala tonight.Li Xuan: Please don’t send Fan Zhiyi to the hot search, no one is honorable.Li Pingkang: two throw the ball, the first wang Shenchao even MAO are quick leakage, the second Hong Kong new aid Xu Xin not rob, the whole village hope Wu Lei at the side of the timid twist watch each other into the restricted area…At the beginning of the 5-1 defeat in Thailand, evergrande several sleepwalking, later all took the blame, this time in Vietnam to perform “Spring Festival Gala”, how about Chen Da you dance?More of: Li Tie very not easy to find a reasonable lineup collocation China team on this level, has basically kicked to the ability.Then they changed coaches and tried out lineups again!Began to use the figure to play high play, but you put Guo Tianyu go, not zhang Yuning first?Even a header from Dabao would have been better than this.A lot of confusing.Beijing media Yang Tianying: The National football team’s pre-match statement is still particularly ambitious, but really kick up, it can be seen that this team actually has little desire for the game.At least from the opening of the game, The Chinese team in the enthusiasm of the confrontation is obviously not as good as Vietnam.Before losing the ball, the right half of the defensive zone is completely surrendered to the opponent, no one dares to go out, all back in the penalty area, this is no one dares to take responsibility.On the field, the National football team members are hiding the ball, no one dares to take the initiative to receive the ball, although how to say before the game, really play is the heart completely collapsed, all in fear.