Solve the remaining problems from the perspective of development!Chaohu Municipal Party Committee deputy secretary, mayor Wang Gongsheng open reception

2022-05-28 0 By

In order to promote the resolution of historical issues, Wang Gongsheng, deputy secretary of the CPC Chaohu Municipal Committee and mayor of Chaohu, continued to receive and pay visits on February 14 and 15, respectively, involving compensation for flood discharge and compensation for collection.In the afternoon of February 14, Liu reflects its planting seedlings in yellow foothill town, 2020 caused by floods of 370 acres of seedlings were flooded, serious losses, the government compensation problem.Mayor wang in earnest listen to their appeals and each unit is introduced after the relevant policy, said the policy bottom line can’t break out, but from the perspective of problem solving, help enterprises to save themselves from point of view, from power enterprise long-term development planning, measures and more, try our best to help enterprises to survive, and enterprise work together to press forward.In the morning of February 15, Mayor Wang Gongsheng went to the town of Huanglu to take the case to visit fang mou’s petition matters, fang mou began to reflect the problem since 2007, mainly involving the expropriation compensation problem, has not been properly resolved.Mayor Wang Gongsheng used the “three solutions” working method to carry out a deep conversation with Fang mou, requiring the fastest speed and the most fair way to solve the reasonable appeal in place.Mayor Wang gongsheng stressed that the resolution of historical problems should not stop at a certain department, a certain policy level or a certain point in time, but should be viewed and dealt with from the perspective of development. Multiple departments should work together and take multiple measures simultaneously to promote the closure of cases and improve the resolution rate of cases and the satisfaction of the public.Source: Chaohu Petition, text/photo: Yan Weiling