Suqian upgraded its financial support and launched 13 financial measures to fight the epidemic

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Nanjing, April 8, Xinhua Network (reporter Pan Ye)Recently, the bank of China insurance regulatory commission, suqian local financial regulator suqian regulatory bureau, suqian central sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China, three joint issued “about further increase financial support for the epidemic prevention and control and improve economic and social development work notice” (hereinafter referred to as the “notice”), article 13 financial measures,Mainly through effort to safeguard the epidemic prevention and control capital requirements, is affected by the epidemic in the field of enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households to bail out out, open foreign exchange policy green channel support foreign economic steady and orderly development, etc., to support related industries and enterprises, individual businesses to overcome difficulties and stable development, efforts to reduce the outbreak of the influence of the economic and social development.Increase the intensity of support Reveal financial bear against the current outbreak of suqian economic and social development, the influence of the “notice” requirements of financial institutions closely around the epidemic prevention and control requirements, actively strive for superior special funds to support, active drug to treatment, epidemic prevention products and other health priority areas, and epidemic prevention related industries, urban safeguard enterprise to carry out the MoPai docking,We will closely follow up the financial situation of enterprises, speed up procedures under the premise of law and compliance, and meet the reasonable financing needs of enterprises.We will increase credit support for the production and distribution of daily necessities, open green credit channels, optimize the approval process, provide emergency financial services for people’s livelihood projects such as “vegetable baskets” and “rice bags”, and support the supply and price stabilization of agricultural and sideline products during the epidemic.For helping affected by outbreaks of enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, the banking institutions and local financial institutions should actively fulfill the social responsibility, focusing on the “6 + 3 + X” in the city industry system and article 20 key chain and rural revitalization, and distressed firms, new operators of docking dynamics, timely understand the market the main body of the difficulties and demands,In particular, we need to timely sort out business products to support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and individual businesses, step up targeted services, and actively provide financial support.We should make good use of the People’s Bank of China’s inclusive small and micro loans support tools, give full play to the positive role of policy incentives, and further expand credit support to small and micro businesses and individual businesses. For inclusive small and micro loans issued by local legal person banking institutions, the People’s Bank of China will provide incentive funds equal to 1% of the increase of the loan balance.Wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering, logistics and transportation, culture and tourism, as well as enterprises and individual businesses with promising development prospects but temporarily trapped by the epidemic, should not blindly withdraw loans, cut off loans, or restrict loans.We will encourage banking institutions to support enterprises through appropriate cuts in loan interest rates, improved policy arrangements for loan renewal, and increased credit loans and medium – and long-term loans.We should continue to reduce commission fees paid by small and micro businesses as well as individual businesses, further transfer profits to the real economy and lower operating costs for market entities during the epidemic prevention and control period.At the same time, we need to further enrich the supply of anti-epidemic insurance products and expand the liability of COVID-19 insurance.We will strengthen insurance protection services, and encourage insurance institutions to strengthen and improve insurance protection services by appropriately extending policy maturities, lowering premium rates, delaying premium payment, and establishing a green channel for insurance claims settlement, so as to support enterprises severely affected by the epidemic to tide over difficulties.Insurance institutions within their jurisdiction should give priority to insurance claim customers who are infected with COVID-19 or affected by the epidemic. They should make full claims and settle claims quickly.We encourage free epidemic insurance for disease control, medical care, scientific research, volunteers and their families on the front line of epidemic prevention and control.It is worth mentioning that in terms of effectively support the development of the foreign economic steady and orderly, “notice” requirements all banking institutions should further open foreign exchange policy green channel, to focus on prevention materials production and circulation enterprises involved in all kinds of foreign exchange business, according to the “urgent urgent happens, the special matter manages” principle, to simplify business processes and materials, speed up to handle,We will ensure the real and reasonable demands of market entities.We will actively implement policies and measures such as shifting the review of foreign exchange payment documents in cross-border trade from prior to later, simplifying procedures for small and micro cross-border e-commerce enterprises to receive and receive payments in goods, and facilitating the payment of income under capital accounts.Market entities are encouraged and supported to handle foreign exchange businesses, such as directory registration, foreign exchange settlement and sale, through online channels to reduce contacts and improve efficiency, and ensure that all foreign exchange services are “uninterrupted” during the epidemic prevention and control period.Give full play to the role of cross-border financial blockchain service platform, further expand corporate financing channels, and relieve short-term financial pressure of foreign trade enterprises.Improve the level of service Financial warm clear “notice” requirements, to further enhance the level of financial services and facilitation and encourage financial institutions to deepen bank-insurance cooperation mode, relying on the suqian integrated financial services platform, “I want to loan” mobile client, the micro financial “speed” financial supermarket platform, such as promoting product line, simplify business process,Effectively improve the efficiency of business handling.In areas where offline business cannot be handled due to the impact of epidemic prevention policies, online video surveys, double recording and other methods can be used to handle loan issuance and insurance underwriting under the premise of controllable risks, so as to optimize and enrich “contactless service” channels and create comprehensive financial service solutions.Personal financial services, to protect special people for infection COVID – 19 hospitalization or quarantine, epidemic prevention and control need to quarantine personnel, to participate in the epidemic prevention and control workers and affected by the epidemic temporarily lose their source of income of personnel, on the basis of adhering to the principle of marketization, legalization, enhance flexibility, actively communicate with customers,Flexible adjustment of housing mortgage, credit card and other personal credit repayment arrangements, reasonable postponement of repayment.We will ensure that payment channels are unblocked, ensure that tax funds are transferred to the Treasury in a timely manner, and support government funds to be appropriated or funds set aside against tax rebates to be refunded.We will ensure cash services, increase cash supply to hospitals, communities and key areas such as emergency construction projects, and ensure cash demand for COVID-19 supplies.At the same time, all financial institutions to reasonably adjust the overdue credit records submitted for infection COVID – 19 hospitalization or isolation, epidemic prevention and control need to quarantine personnel, to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work, because of the outbreak has failed to timely payment, convicted by financial institutions, relevant overdue loans can not be overdue records submitted, has submitted can be adjusted.Individuals and enterprises that temporarily lose their sources of income due to the epidemic may submit their credit records according to the adjusted repayment arrangements.Strengthen risk prevention to stabilize the financial market in terms of financial risk prevention, the notice requires all financial institutions should adhere to the principle of substantial risk judgment, focus on credit risk, such as in a timely manner to outbreak of the financial operation, the influence of the reasonable assessment of relevant enterprises and individuals, focus on asset quality changes.We will focus on the negative impact of the epidemic on the business development of market entities and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and make financial support for the real economy more targeted, comprehensive and effective.Do a good job in the prevention and control of anti-money laundering and accounts involved in the case, do not relax vigilance at critical moments, to avoid giving opportunities to lawbreakers.Acts of fraud, taking advantage of preferential policies to hitchhikers and bundling, illegal arbitrage and illegal modification of credit investigation records should be stopped immediately and punished in accordance with laws and regulations.Financial institutions should make full use of telephone and Internet to keep complaint channels smooth, optimize customer consultation and complaint handling procedures, do a good job in customer business consultation, problem solving, complaint handling and emotional comfort during epidemic prevention and control, and broaden online dispute resolution channels to ensure that conflicts do not escalate and risks do not spread.Give full play to the role of online publicity channels, carry out anti-fraud tips, strengthen the public awareness of prevention through public service advertisements and short video new media, and prevent new types of telecom fraud related to the epidemic, illegal fund-raising and other illegal activities.In addition, the circular also put forward new requirements on ensuring the services for listing of enterprises, ensuring the safe and stable operation of network and business systems during the epidemic, and strengthening the publicity and guidance of financial policies.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: