Prepared dishes: Lu Zhengyao landlord bet, Jia Guolong guarantee

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“There are two trees in front of my house, one is a jujube tree, the other is also a jujube tree.Private think, have gather together the suspicion of the word.Recently, this sentence pattern is applied to Lu Zhengyao and Jia Guolong: one of the subsequent start-ups was a failure, the other was also a failure.Immediately understood, worthy of being a great writer, a sense of compassion suddenly came out of the atmosphere.Lu Zhengyao, the butcher of capital, jia Guolong repeatedly failed repeatedly, starting a few years, several degrees of ups and downs.In a different track, but the same two people in the frustrated stage, very tacit understanding will look locked in the “prepared vegetables” this tuyere.Despite his financial fraud and his exit from Luckin, Lu zhengyao chose to plunge into the catering industry when he started his own business. As before, he pursued the emerging new “vents” closely. First, he was interested in small noodles, and then he set up Huotiao Technology and launched the prepared food project — Huotiao Workshop.Huangshi of east evil medicine once domineering say to Feng Heng: “I won’t move for woman easily, once move, you will follow me all one’s life.”Lu Zhengyao also has this temperament, he said: I will not do anything easily, once I do, I will be sure to complete the mobilization of provisions, ammunition and troops.Lu Zhengyao, who is not easy to move, plans to open the tip of the tongue workshop to 3000 this year.Industry insiders believe that Lu zhengyao is trying to replicate the previous successful experience, with more stores to improve cash flow.But Jia Guolong, known as the “King of Chinese food”, has even bigger ambitions for prepared dishes.From Xibei Oat Workshop, Xibei Oat noodles and Maixiang Village to Super Rou Jia mo, Xibei Yogurt House and Gongchang Zhang, Jia guolong’s seven projects in five years have failed one after another.He’s betting on prepared dishes.Not only did he use his name as the name of the prepared vegetable shop, he named it “Jia Guolong Kung Fu Dish”.”Jia Guolong Kung Fu dishes is to bet my name up, and there is a logo is the head of the head, basically IS my head guarantee.It also set a target of 5 billion yuan in annual sales for Kung Fu cuisine, even though Xibei’s sales will only reach 5.5 billion yuan in 2021.”Kung fu dishes will certainly surpass Wang Shouyi’s Thirteen Incense in the future,” Jia Guolong is confident.Prepared food, also known as 3R food, refers to the finished or semi-finished products made from agricultural, livestock, poultry and aquatic products with various auxiliary materials after pre-processing (such as cutting, mixing, curing, rolling, forming and seasoning).Save time, save food materials, proper weight, bright taste and other advantages, perfect for the lazy economy and house economy of people’s food requirements.Prepared food is not a new industry, as early as the 1940s in the United States gradually sprout, after the 1960s began to enter a period of rapid growth.The rise of prepared dishes in China, first in the B-end market, behind the rapid development of the catering industry and take-out.This year the wind blew a bit big, since the beginning of the year, and the pre-prepared vegetables related shares in the rise and fall between, causing strong attention from all walks of life.According to NCBD’s 2021-2022 China Prepared Vegetable Industry Development Report, the size of China’s prepared vegetable market exceeded 300 billion yuan in 2021 and is expected to exceed 830 billion yuan by 2025.Lu Zhengyao and Jia Guolong are interested in this piece of fat.It was the eight immortals crossing the sea, each showing his special powers, and the two laymen both drew out their special skills.In January this year, Luk officially launched a prepared food project called “The Tip of a Tongue Workshop”, which focuses on prepared ingredients and quick-cooking dishes.What We do is to integrate channels, that is, on the basis of existing products, through brand packaging to complete sales.As you can see from the App, there are more than 100 SKUs of related products, which are cheaper than ordinary prepared dishes, most of which cost less than 35 yuan.The two New Year’s Eve dinner packages are 218 yuan for six dishes and 399 yuan for 10 dishes, with an average price of no more than 40 yuan.Mr. Jia’s kung fu dishes, by contrast, are proudly priced.Hearing that “Xibei is very expensive and unworthy of ordinary people”, a steamed bun can be sold at 21 yuan, Jia Guolong is not fit to lower the price on prepared dishes.Kung fu dishes range in price from 30 to 300 yuan.Take the products sold in its Tmall flagship store as an example. The staple food series, such as cut cake, steamed bread and millet cake, are the cheapest, mainly concentrated at about 35 yuan.The main pre-made dishes, such as cured clay pot rice and mutton powder, cost at least 40 to 70 yuan.”Hard dishes” like goat scorpions, beef bones and old duck casseroles cost more than 100 yuan, which is generally higher than offline work meals and take-out meals.The average meal is more than 100. Since the food is directly put in the tin foil box and then heated, it is ridiculed as “airplane food” and “IQ tax” by consumers. The dining experience is like “eating takeout together in a restaurant”.The taste, price and even model of Kung Fu dishes have been questioned by many parties, and the market reaction has poured cold water on Jia Guolong.Industry analysis: prepared dishes in xibei’s whole system is a chicken ribs.Rich people who care about the dining experience don’t want or like prepared food, and the high price of kung fu dishes doesn’t cater to heavy consumers of prepared food.The products, channels and scenes of Kung Fu cuisine do not match.Boss Jia had to adjust his thinking.Not only reduce the number of prepared dishes, increase low-cost products, set snacks, but also add takeout to pick up food, increase on-site production in the kitchen, from the original main catering retail gradually close to fast food.It is well known that Jia Guolong has always pursued fast food.The previous aborted Xibei Super rou jia mo, Xibei Yogurt House, Gongchang Zhang, etc., are all fast food brands.Wen Zhihong, partner and head of chain operation of Hejun Consulting, said: The launch of Jia Guolong Kung Fu Cuisine is xibei’s or Jia’s exploration of the retail of catering.Today’s change and upgrading is the inevitable change of Jia Guolong kung Fu dishes to cope with the market and meet consumer demand.Lu Zhengyao chose a different style of play from Jia.Bite Tip Workshop through joining to expand, the development path and pot circle is very similar.The store joined the amount of 30,000, the store 8 square meters.When signing the contract, it is necessary to pay 10,000 yuan of intention, and a franchise should pay tens of thousands of yuan.Franchise stores are an effective way to rapidly expand the market and make money.Lu zhengyao once said, “I never worry about money.”I’ve always raised a lot of money when I don’t need it, to keep it going for two or three years.”The strength of his rhetoric comes from his universal formula: seize the wind, find the right track, establish a company, huge financing, burn money to expand, quickly listed.Among them huge financing, burning money expansion formula for the most important links.Seventeen years ago, he founded the UNITED Automobile Club OF UAA and spent tens of millions of yuan on advertising in The Beijing market, although he did not know the profit point.In his view, “once the number of members is up, the profit points will show themselves”.The central idea is that money begets money.After Luckin, Lu zhengyao has been frustrated, despite getting his foot in the right place, mainly because of blocked financing.Financial fraud, lack of credibility, before helping him make money Li Hui and Liu Erhai, and he fell out.Clever woman can not make bricks without rice, no money trouble in the fun of small face body has been verified.Quxiaomeen started preparations in April last year, opened to much fanfare in August, and began seeking financing in September.In November, Quxiaomian changed its name to Qubayu.Lu Zhengyao had great expectations for Quxiaomian. In his plan, “Quxiaomian will have 106 stores in the first batch and 500 stores in the second batch”.So far, the brand has no new action.Now the tip of the Tongue workshop to join, Lu Zhengyao is to recognize the reality, avoid financing, and find a new way to make money.A boy who loves to laugh will not have too bad luck.Lu Zhengyao, who always shows his trademark smile, is different from Jia Guolong’s tortuous entrepreneurial experience. He was a top scoler in the national College entrance examination and entered the civil service after graduation. His first project caught up with the communication industry which was still in the wind at that time.After that, it put Rent-a-Car, Unicare and Luckin coffee on the capital market.With that set, the front end of the first big money, do price butcher, low to attract users, advertising bombing to pull the brand, the back end rapidly expand the scale, finally listed cash harvest.Before luckin’s defeat, Lu zhengyao’s life was on a roll.From the first day I entered the business, in insisting on one thing, phased loss of money can, long-term look must make money.He joked that he was an old landlord.But the landlord’s family is running out of food.In the first half of 2021, Lu zhengyao was listed as an executor by the court for three times, with his consumption restricted and assets frozen, totaling 3.5 billion yuan.The past year also saw the fastest decline in his personal wealth, with lu’s personal wealth shrinking by nearly 20 billion yuan from 26.13 billion yuan in 2020 to 6.47 billion yuan in 2021, according to the New Fortune 500 rich list.Capital maniacs are suddenly less confident, switching tracks in the restaurant world with increasing frequency.His anxiety became more and more evident.Jia guolong has his own troubles.He had firmly put the words “Xibei will never be listed”, an epidemic, exposed xibei’s cash flow crisis.Loose admission: re-evaluate the possibility of xibei’s future listing.Xibei wants to go public, there are shortcomings.Its main attack of the northwestern cuisine dinner market is limited in scale, insufficient room for growth, it is difficult to support high valuation.According to relevant data from Zhiyan Consulting, in 2018, the northwest cuisine catering market accounted for about 5% of the catering industry, far lower than the market share of hot pot 13.7%, Sichuan cuisine 12.4% and Chinese fast food 12.2%.Industry concentration is low, even xibei such head enterprises accounted for only 3.2% of the northwest vegetable market share.Xibei tries to shift from the northwestern food segment to the larger Scale of Chinese fast food.From the transformation results of several sub-brands, all declared failure.Sebe needs a new story.Jia Guolong spared no effort to invest 1 billion yuan in the super Central Kitchen project of kung Fu dishes, placing his hopes on kung fu dishes in the form of “prepared dishes”, looking for the second growth curve of Xibei dishes besides dinner, catering to the capital’s preference for new retail tracks, and telling a better story for “listing”.Lu Zhengyao and Jia Guolong, two people born in the 1960s, have different feelings about preparing prepared dishes.In the 1990s, Jia Guolong failed to start a business and lost 1 million yuan twice.Holding a stack of friends and relatives property card, loan money, to Beijing to continue to toss.At the beginning of the epidemic in 2020, when other companies were silent, he was the first to cry poverty.Crying children have candy to eat, Jia Guolong got a loan from the bank, tide over the difficulties.Engaged in xibei sub-brand, repeatedly defeated repeatedly, and finally a huge bet on kung fu dishes.I have to say that Jia Guolong’s optimism is really born and strong, I think he can wave his sleeve and go to other games when kung fu is cold.Mr Lu’s mood was not so relaxed.From the establishment of two successful enterprises, to wealth, credibility are loser.No one can calm down.In the catering circuit transformation 3 times in a year, must be holding a breath to prove themselves.There is nothing wrong with proving your entrepreneurial philosophy: there is nothing wrong with loss-making growth, there is nothing wrong with fast entry to the top, and there is nothing wrong with going public.Just capital is a memory, neither money also gradually lost word of mouth capital players, but also fluttering waves?