Let’s have a quiz 11755

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One, today think late system riddle number has reached: 11755 two, today five riddle: let a person three feet Lao Tze what just as well (idiom) 11746 green ridge beginning irrigation grass such as sea new lost wife (word) 11747 for because of high fever stretch hand again and again touch (idiom)Still hate with many forbidden xu buy spring money (Du Fu poem) 11751 answer: The West Lake don’t garden to enjoy the spring scenery (word) 11752 Answer: Living if beauty acts lustful (idiom) 11753 Answer: Du Kangken stay overnight and make trouble in four (Du Fu poem) 11754 Answer: The apricot curtain transfer spring mountain (” Water Margin “character) 11755 Answer:Jun mo use Violation shall be three physical noun (4 words), they had before the five riddles detailed explanation is a hard work “knowledge service”, is a “social landscape” project, so we have to consider a beautiful, engineering specifications, and strive to meet the time, and disgraceful consideration complex conditionality factors such as historical evaluation test.That’s why we have to thank our puzzle friends here for their selfless explanation.– with *, indicating that the explanation is not ideal.Welcome to add.Byz puzzle interpretation: clutch puzzle “force only (mouth eight)” express;”Book grass”, direction buckle “fuck”;”Xi Xi bird” express, “to” do embrace the word.Grapheme: “f” synthesizing “su”, “li Xixi” synthesizing “yi”, “mouth bird” synthesizing “Ming”.The composition of the Beijing Winter Olympics athletes “Su Yiming” to the bottom.Mystery: Plateau mystery: Love for flowers, indiscretion, no restraint, indulgence, the waves, are wearing, credit, a white note, word element, “a white note in the waves” to the bottom.Northern Song Rebellion: The Northern Song came into being during the chaos of the Five Dynasties and ten States. Later, Zhao Kuangyin launched the Chenqiao Incident in Chenqiaoyi, and his troops returned to Kaifeng, seizing the throne of Emperor Gong of Zhou, and founded the Northern Song.Zhao Kuangyin inherited the great ambition of Zhou Shizong to unify the world, and tried hard to seek peace and prosperity for the people. From then on, the central Plains ended the conflict.Coinage of the Song;Form “The Northern Song Dynasty” unto “丶The “object” is half disposed of the express “object”, and the remaining “牜 (subjects)” morpheme is combined according to the order of the pen: “subjects” and “wood”.This puzzle just see feel very easy, very confident, immediately wrote “prison”, but the teacher said is not the original bottom.Form “The Northern Song Dynasty is of great confusion”, I combined N characters of “song” and “牜” respectively, all of them fail to form the bottom.But not to the Yellow River heart die, a most basic puzzle guess not to come out is very unwilling, after consulting the teacher is a few strokes, just consider “Song” is Ming enterprise, thinking, the riddle will be solved.11743谜 底 : There is resentment meng Guofu wandering also explore (Du Fu poem) riddles: Autumn to look after still fluttering enigma: BYZ interpretation enigma: understanding enigma “resentment”, not satisfied, worry, buckle “autumn” (autumn tong sorrow).”Meng”, hide, do embrace the word.”State auxiliary”, auxiliary state minister, buckle “phase” (interpretation auxiliary).”Wave” : drift, buckle “floating”;”Also” enterprise “still”;”Tankan” : “gu” (generally refers to look).The above graphemes form du Fu’s “To Li Bai” in the poem, “autumn comes to visit still floating peng” to the bottom.Byz puzzle interpretation: The cleat puzzle “Shu” express, “edge slightly” direction subtractive word, “Shu” omit the next “dhao”, the remaining “zhu”.”No identical whole”, “whole” is expressed as the parent character, subtracting the sub-character “one”, leaving “tong”.Compose “water Margin” character “zhu tong” bottom.