Kangqiang Electronic board of directors “big change of blood”!Silver billion shares restructuring investors will be in charge

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With the *ST yinyi restructuring dust settled, its holding listed company Kang Qiang electronic board of directors will usher in a big “blood change”.On February 18, Kangqiang electronics released 14 announcements.The announcement shows that with the expiration of the term of the sixth board of directors, Kangqiang Electronics in accordance with the relevant legal procedures for the board of directors election.The seventh board of directors of the company consists of seven directors.Among them, there are 4 non-independent directors and 3 independent directors.On February 16, Kangqiang Electronics held the 25th (provisional) meeting of the 6th board of Directors, and the board of directors agreed to nominate Ye Ji, Lin Binghan, Zheng Fang and Zheng Fei as non-independent directors candidates for the 7th board of directors of the company.At the same time, it agrees to nominate Xu Meiguang, Lei Guangyin and He Zhengsheng as candidates for the seventh term of independent director of the board of directors of the Company, for a term of three years starting from the date of the election of the shareholders’ meeting.Public information shows that at present, kangqiang Electronics non-independent directors include Zheng Kangding, Zhang Minghai, Xiang Xianqiu and Xiong Xuqiang, and independent directors are Yuan Tong, Peng Chengxin and Bao Xinmin.Visible, Kang Qiang electronic new board of directors will be “a big change of blood”.01 Announcement shows that non-independent director candidate Ye Ji is currently chairman of Ningbo Cancheng Ecological Construction Group (hereinafter referred to as Ningbo Cancheng), legal representative and executive director of Chiji Holding Group, chairman of *ST Yinyi, director of Zhejiang Titanium Holding Company and other positions;Born in 1993, Lin Binghan is currently in charge of internal control of Ningbo Industrial City President Office and director of SMIC Zihe Venture Capital (Jiaxing) Co., LTD.The other two candidates for non-independent director, Zheng Fang and Zheng Fei, are sisters and daughters of Kang Qiang Electronics Chairman Zheng Kangding.Zheng Fang has been working in Kangqiang Electronics since 1995, serving as the manager of the company’s material Department, deputy general manager, general manager, director and vice chairman. She indirectly holds 0.0752% of the shares of Kangqiang Electronics through Ningbo Simesi Electronics Technology Co., LTD.Jmbilly 1999 to March 2006 in the popularity of electronic engaged in financial work, the ningbo DongSheng integrated circuit components co., LTD., vice chairman of the board of directors, in April 2006 up to now as ningbo company m division electronics technology co., LTD., executive director and general manager, it indirectly by ningbo company m division electronics technology co., LTD holds popularity electronic 0.0797% stake.Meiguang Xu is a certified public accountant and certified tax agent of Zhejiang Tianping CPA Firm. She used to be an independent director of Dafeng Industry.Lei Guangyin, candidate for independent director, is a researcher of Engineering and applied Technology at Fudan University.Independent director candidate He Zheng is currently the chief lawyer of Beijing Hengji Law Firm and an independent director of Shenzhen Guangyunda and Witten Electric.It was a transition that was a year late.In February last year, the terms of kangqiang’s board of directors and supervisory board expired, but the nomination of new candidates has not been completed.At that time, the largest shareholder proposed to hold an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders on February 26, 2021, but withdrew it five days later, and was also questioned by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.Market speculation, Kangqiang electronic board of directors delay is the main reason, *ST Yinyi restructuring pending kangqiang electronic internal management affected.As we all know, Kang Qiang electronics and *ST Yinyi there is an indirect holding relationship.At the end of 2018, yinyi Department broke out debt crisis.On December 19, 2019, Yinyi Group and Yinyi Holding entered restructuring procedures.During this period, Kangqiang Electronics was also affected by yinyiji debt crisis — Yinyiji’s shares in Kangqiang Electronics were sold several times due to the risk of liquidating stock pledge, and Yinyiji’s equity proportion in Kangqiang Electronics also continued to decline.Kangqiang electronics has also been implicated in the appropriation of funds by controlling shareholders of listed companies.As Both Kangqiang Electronics and Yinyi Shares are listed companies under Yinyi Holding, Yinyi Holding will use part of kangqiang Electronics shares to compensate for the capital occupied by Yinyi Shares.According to a kangqiang announcement in July 2019, yinyi Holding’s 100 percent stake in Prissys was accepted by Yinyi’s wholly-owned subsidiary zhejiang Yinbao Things Union, while Prissys’s core asset was 19.72 percent of Kangqiang.By the end of the third quarter of 2021, Prissi Electronics and Xiong Jikai of “Yinyi System” held 74,009,200 shares and 3,729,400 shares of Kangqiang Electronics respectively, holding 19.72% and 0.99% of the shares respectively.Jeong kang-jeong and the company he actually controls hold 10.374 million shares of Kang-cheong Electronics and 28.227,700 shares of Kang-cheong Electronics, 2.76% and 7.52%, respectively.As of the end of the third quarter of 2021, Kangqiang Electronics, a listed company in Ningbo, is a state-level high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of various semiconductor packaging materials.Kangqiang Electronics expects that in 2021, the company’s net profit will be 175 million yuan to 200 million yuan, up 99.02% to 127.45% year on year.Kangqiang electronics said that in 2021, the demand of downstream customers will increase, the production and sales of the company’s main products will be booming, the proportion of high value-added products will increase, and both revenue and profit will increase.At present, yinyi shares restructuring has been settled, kangqiang electronics shareholder relations have been improved.As the board of directors “big change of blood”, the market looks forward to Kangqiang electronics coruscated with greater vitality and vitality.————END———— Southeast Finance all media platform text: Wang Jing: Zhang Bo second: Zhu Xinmin third: Yin Hao Final: Liu Xiongfei