Iron Man: a world-class spendthrift who spends recklessly for 20 years and becomes the richest man in the world

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“Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”This is a very classic line in Iron Man, the Tony Stark in the play, is the dream of countless young people can not be extinguished.Iron Man is the embodiment of almost all the best things in the world, a brave heart, a brilliant mind, and an omnipotent force. In the eyes of many children, such a man is almost a god.But as for the incomparable god, marvel’s original creator says there is a real character. Who is the real Iron Man?His name was Howard Hughes. He was born in 1905 in the United States. When he was young, he was very withdrawn and refused to communicate with others.But in addition to that, Howard’s ability to grasp and manipulate other things, like a radio station or even a motorcycle, can be put back together in almost an afternoon with careful grinding.Such a sharp contrast makes the father not what scold heart, the child is not not clever, perhaps he is just not interested in knowledge.But before father and son could get to know each other better, both parents died, leaving Howard alone.He was only 18 years old at the time, but his father’s will did specify that Howard would not inherit the family fortune until he was 21 years old. Many people were worried about the future of the boy, and how he would spend the rest of his life without family and money.Some people thought that maybe he would hide his brilliance for two years, or just live it out, but he didn’t. He went straight to his lawyer and petitioned the court for an early inheritance. After a series of arguments, the judge agreed.At this time, Howard was too young for those company executives. If he had waited another two years, his parents’ company would have been eaten to pieces and he had to take over as soon as possible.After making up his mind to manage his parents’ company, he fought wits and courage with those senior management of the company. At first, he directly borrowed money from the bank to buy 25% of the shares originally left to his relatives, plus 75% of the shares he inherited before, so he completely mastered the right to speak.At that time, “Hughes Tool Company” was also a very famous company at that time, but the product category was very single, which was probably a common problem in the market at that time, but it was not easy to detect the problem.The first thing Howard did after he took over the job was to innovate and reorganize the industry at that time. Almost all the profits earned were used to buy land and build entertainment places, hotels and other high-profit buildings, which created a considerable profit in a short period of time.At this time, he was only in his teens, and the livelihood of hundreds of people in the entire company depended on him, but he showed no cowardice.These changes to the company, of course, have been questioned by many, many people are insinuating that this is a do not know what the boy.But those gains were a lesson to the smug old management, and Howard’s approach since then has been to turn intangible assets into tangible entities, and by the time others realize it, Howard has a head start.In this way, Howard, who holds the script of “male hero”, soon turns the company that his father left to him, which is only worth 750,000 yuan, into assets worth 500 million yuan. In the following period of time, Howard enters a period of enviable spending time.Howard himself was very fond of movies, and after he had some money, he was not shy about throwing money at his passion. In 1926, he began to invest in his first film, Playboy Hogan.In this era, spending money on movies is basically the same as spending money on entertainment. Don’t even have the illusion that it will bring you any investment. Howard’s behavior was basically equivalent to spending money at that time.Howard thought he could make a good film in the film industry with his artistic taste, but unexpectedly, this film failed to make a splash. Unconvinced, he invested a lot of money in another film, which did not receive much response.It wasn’t until working with Lewis on Illegal Profit, which was nominated for the first Academy Award at the time, that Howard finally got to see something for all his money.There are too many uncontrollable factors, but Howard wants the best, from props to casting.Many people told him to calm down, but Howard didn’t listen. Now he looks like a gambler who lost himself in a casino.He went on to invest in Another Village, which was a critical success and went on to win the Academy Award for Best Cinematography, grossing more than $8 million.Howard’s own company is in need of capital flow, but Howard’s behavior of always spending money to invest in movies nearly broke the company several times. Fortunately, this film eventually brought in a lot of profits, and Howard was revived again.It has been calculated that during his life, he bought 125 cinemas and invested in dozens of films.But what men envy most is that in his life, he had 164 star girlfriends, each one beautiful, the type is very rich, even the ancient emperor, do not necessarily have his such amorous fortune.At that time, the first synchronous satellite and the first lunar probe were launched by his aerospace company. When the reporter asked why, there was no business secret or economic judgment, but only one sentence he liked.Howard’s investments during those years, while perfectly normal to us today, were the equivalent of the black sheep of the family playing games, but he was desperate to get what he wanted back.Money in his eyes as if the game points can be exchanged at any time, such extravagance, at that time by many “top spendthrift” ridicule, but there are many people like his simple and straightforward personality, and called him “the most interesting person in the 1940s and 1950s”.After more than 20 years of “spendthrift” living, Howard has made a fortune out of these habits, and is now the richest man in the world. It’s no wonder that such a reckless and successful life has been used as a model by the founders of Marvel comics to create characters.