Buy a house in Uzbekistan?

2022-05-27 0 By

In a recent report, the Central bank of Uzbekistan published the average house price in the country.The average price of an apartment in the capital is 381.9 million sums, or about $35,100.Tashkent has the highest average house prices, according to central bank data.280.1 million sumes, or $25,800, in Andijan;275.3 million sums, or $25,300, in Samarkand;Surkhan State 274.3 million sums, or $25,200.The lowest-priced region was Hualazmo state, with an average price of 218.6 million sums, or $20,100.And Bukhara state, 229.1 million sums, or $21,100.Kashkadaria 227.3 million sums, or $20,900.The average price of an apartment in Karakal Pakstan is 226.4 million sums, or about $20,800.The central bank’s report also provides regional mortgage data: 60.2 percent of residential mortgage loans in 2021 came from five regions: Tashkent – 27.2 percent;Fergana – 9.4%;Samarkand – 9%;Surhan River State – 7.5%;Andijan – 7.2 percent.More than half (69 percent) of 2021 loan customers are citizens aged 31 to 50, followed by citizens aged 18 to 30 (24 percent) and over 50 in third place.Kazakhstan has the highest housing prices in Central Asia, with Almaty the highest at 50,700 tenge/square meter, or about $1,172.It is followed by The Nur Sultan 378,580 tenge per square meter, or $887.>>>Prices in Kazakhstan go up, go up!Source: Central Asia News Network