Yongxing: Multi-department joint activities to promote the rule of law into the campus

2022-05-26 0 By

Rednet moment March 14 – (correspondent Li Danxia Liu Shanwu) in order to effectively prevent juvenile delinquency, strengthen security prevention work, create a safe and harmonious campus environment.In recent days, Yongxing County education bureau united with the county people’s court, county people’s Procuratorate, county public Security Bureau, county justice bureau and other departments of the joint, has in-depth area of the primary and secondary schools to carry out a 15-day legal system into the campus thematic publicity and education activities.This activity, according to the characteristics of the current juvenile crime, combined with real cases, the basic characteristics and harm of the teenagers illegal crime carried on the thorough analysis, in a comprehensible language interpretation of the law of the People’s Republic of China criminal law “the minors protection act” prevent juvenile crime “compulsory education law” and other laws and regulations and safety knowledge.Director, attorney general, dean, and each unit case expert walked into the classroom, in case an interpretation, and education, for the majority of teenagers has spread the “seed” of the legal system and further enhance the teachers’ and students’ legal idea and law-abiding consciousness, create good environment for yongxing county education development, to ensure that the county has played an important role in the security and stability of the campus.Through the “opening of the first lesson of the rule of law”, yongxing County to create a good environment for the development of education to ensure the safety and stability of the county campus played an important role in promoting.So far, 50 schools have offered 36 legal education courses and 15 psychological counseling courses, with 58,316 students.At present, the rule of law education course is extending to each village small coverage.