Winter Olympics mission hills: the most moving sports is the most shining is fighting ambition

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The most moving sports is the most shining is fighting ambition (winter Olympics mission Hills) tears once again from Xu Mengtao’s cheeks rolling down.But they are no longer tears of regret, tears of reluctance.These are tears of joy after countless struggles, tears of release after dreams come true.In order to win the gold medal in women’s freestyle skiing aerials, Xu Mengtao insisted on four Winter Olympics, spanning 12 years, the Chinese aerials team struggled for 24 years.Years of unremitting struggle, condensation for xu Mengtao today happy cry.Gold medal makes history, gold medal shows the spirit.This spirit means never giving up and doing the best.After the game, Xu Mengtao a “too not easy” feeling, how much taste surging in the heart.20 years and 27 world titles have been accompanied by injuries, big and small.But the greater test, is again and again from the setbacks of the head up, continue to start the courage.Four Winter Olympics, and the dream again and again, Xu Mengtao chose to “zero”.The most recent was after the freestyle skiing aerials mixed team event at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb. 10.On the podium, Xu pondered the silver medal, silently wiping her eyes and then laughing again.Such a spirit means believing in yourself and having the courage to make breakthroughs.The last jump, take out the highest difficulty, but also take out the courage to break through their own.Countless times of hard training, countless sweat to pay, at this moment of precipitation, “THE last jump I did not think of anything, just focus on technology, to do the best myself.”Proving herself with a perfect jump, Xu Mengtao did it.Such a spirit, means the courage to take on, fearless struggle.”I am the girl who strives for gold MEDALS. It is both a mission and an honor to strive for gold MEDALS for our motherland.”Winning glory for the country has always been the deepest motivation for Xu Mengtao and her teammates. It is also the original aspiration of Chinese athletes to forge ahead and never forget.Such spirit is embodied in the fighting stories of the Aero Team: Xu Nannan won the first silver medal in the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympic Games, Han Xiaopeng won the first men’s gold medal in the 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games, Guo Dandan endured the pain to finish the competition, Li Nina, Jia Zongyang and Qi Guangpu fought hard for many years…For The Chinese players into the most high-spirited strength, so that the spirit of Chinese sports has the most vivid expression.Such spirit, so that the national anthem played again and again, the national flag fluttering, so that The Figure of Chinese players, appear in more and more venues.Such spirit, is beyond the self, is to grasp the nettle, is to fight to the end, is sports, hard work in the Olympic field of the strongest voice.The most moving thing on the field is sports;More shining than the gold medal, is hard work.Such spirit, witness the struggle of the past, inspire the endeavor of the future, gather together for a cry: China snow and ice, come on!Come on, China!(People’s Daily)