Short video project car music, a group of people bury their heads in the money

2022-05-26 0 By

Using short videos to sell car USB disk is not a new project. When Douyin came out, there were many people doing various types of music number, one of which is to sell car USB disk.In fact, no matter what mobile phone photography, copy number, book list number, film and television editing, live broadcast with goods, including what video plan, in fact, there have been a lot of people insist on doing, and many people do well, insist on doing is very rich returns.Whether in real life or on the Internet, it’s always about finding a way to get money out of someone else’s pocket into your purse, and that means using your head.Simple said the on-board video music, the basic mechanics of these people, “want to someone” recently the DJ has ignition, I’ll often brush to, certainly have a lot of matrix do this a person, such as the list was I brushed the DJ, then trill search you will find a lot of almost identical account, they send the contents of the basic big bad not bad actually, a piece of music,Combined with a few beauty clips and special effects clip, a video of more than ten seconds, basic everyone has tens of thousands of fans, high also have more than ten million.They are relying on traffic, leaving contact information and other people to add them, this accurate flow conversion rate is quite considerable, and then you just a treasure a search will know that this thing is only a dozen of the cost, you just packaging to sell a 68 or 88 completely no problem.Finally, wrap up the speech technology and so on. The conversion rate is very good.The key is that if these people don’t make a deal, you don’t have to do anything. You keep them in fish ponds and post them on wechat moments every day. Then you can package this project and teach others to learn douyin from you.Anyway, I always said that a few packs of cigarette money, a meal money, with the big guy mixed loss you, a day casually out of a few not too easy.Last but not least, persistence, thinking and trial and error are the key to doing anything.Imitation is the way that ordinary people are most close to success, somebody else big guy is not the same imitate rich, the game of penguin which is not, see through not to say, you succeeded that is somebody else imitate you!