Huimin road stall stall seriously, the citizens suffer!

2022-05-26 0 By

In recent years, in the process of building civilized and hygienic cities, the “land sharing economy” has gradually faded out of the view of residents.However, some citizens posted a post yesterday to mock: “Huimin Road, which is perpendicular to Shuangyuan West Road (and intersected with Changba Road), has become a blind area of supervision, with merchants opening shops without licenses and running businesses without licenses. Itinerant vendors run amok and gather together, causing a serious impact on our life, travel and living environment.There are a lot of street stalls in the morning, the smell is very big, the road is occupied, it is impossible to travel in the morning rush hour, it is very troublesome to send children to school, the vehicles gather, and I don’t trust the children to ride to school alone.Every morning at 3 or 4 o ‘clock in the morning, there is noise, the stalls selling sound, the children at home can not rest, the state of mind is not good.In the picture, there are a variety of snacks, fruits and vegetables, while some of the ground is wet and even garbage.Besides, every time a car comes, the driver has to slow down and pass carefully.These vendors who occupy the road to set up stalls also seriously affect the travel and life of surrounding residents!Yancheng is known as a civilized city, but the phenomenon here can not help but make people laugh.Xiaobian thinks that the market is good, everyone wants to go downstairs to buy fresh vegetables and fruits, but this kind of smoke, road management market, in anyone’s living place can not tolerate!The urban environment is the name card of a city. The business of small merchants and peddlers occupying the road not only affects the sanitation and transportation of the city, but also affects the social environment and civilized atmosphere.Hope relevant departments take seriously, ban this kind of road occupying operation phenomenon, let the road return vehicles, market return market!It is our responsibility to maintain the order of the city.