Dahe Road Central Kindergarten: Love eye makes “eye” colorful

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Eyes are the window to the soul, the first sense to discover beauty.Children’s visual system is still in the vigorous stage of growth and development, 3-6 years old is the plastic period of children’s visual development, is the critical period of visual function development, if there is no good protection, it is easy to develop myopia.Early childhood stage is an important period of vision development, during this period, astigmatism, severe hyperopia, myopia, strabismus and other eye diseases can cause visual impairment to form amblyopia.Especially in recent years, the prevalence of TELEVISION, computers, mobile phones, children’s eyesight is generally declining, so scientific eye protection is very important, vision prevention and control can not be relaxed.March 2022 is China’s fourth “Myopia Prevention and Control Publicity Month”, we should correctly guide children to use their eyes rationally and protect them.Early symptoms close: watch TV leaning forward, reading and writing very close and low.Squinting: When a distant target is hard to see, it is customary to squint to compensate.Blinking: Frequent blinking can relieve myopia to a certain extent and increase visual clarity.Squint: Tilt your head or squint your eyes to see things more clearly by reducing scattered light and eliminating some of the aberration.Frown frown: can cause eyelid and the change of extraocular muscle, to change the eye shape and cornea, improve visual acuity if discover the child temporarily appear frequently rub eyes, blink of an eye, often to see things a little, afraid of the sun’s rays, escort the child to formal medical institutions in time to check and correct, and do early detection, early prevention, early intervention to prevent myopia.Create a good home visual environment, with adequate light, lamp with incandescent lamp or frosted lamp, 40-50 cm from the written, timely inspection, repair and replace the aging lamp tube.2. After the eye examination of children in kindergartens, we must pay attention to the results of the examination. If the children need to be reviewed, please check them in time and get treatment as soon as possible.3. Accompany children to participate in physical exercise, ensure that children spend 2 hours of exercise time every day, often overlook, to prevent myopia.4.3 No more than 15 minutes for children aged 4-4, no more than 20 minutes for children aged 4-5, and no more than 30 minutes for children aged 5-6.5. Reading the sitting position to be correct, reading and writing posture keep “a foot, a fist, an inch”, eyes in the book distance should be about a foot, chest and desk distance is about a fist, holding the pen finger and fingertip distance is about an inch.Do not read lying down, on your stomach, walking, or sitting in bright or dark areas.6. Spend less time on your phone, TV, and tablet games. Staring at a screen too close for too long is bad for your eyes.7. Pay attention to eye hygiene and don’t rub your eyes with your hands.There are a lot of germs on your hands, and it’s easy to get infected by rubbing your eyes.If your eyes are uncomfortable, wash your hands first, then close your eyes and gently press them.When there are foreign bodies, they can be washed with water.8. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, pay attention to a balanced diet, not picky and partial food, eat less sweets and fried food.9. Play a supervisory role, arrange children’s work and rest reasonably, ensure children’s sleep time, and ensure children sleep 10 hours a day.Eye protection game Throwing sandbag game purpose: exercise the eye chasing ability, expand the scope of vision.Materials: Sandbag or small ball Play: the child throws up the sandbag with one hand, catches it with the other hand, and repeats the action by following the sandbag with his eyes and the tip of his nose.Skilled action can be sandbags thrown higher, improve the difficulty oh!Purpose: Gently moving your eyes can help relieve eye strain.Material preparation: the small sticker game: create game situation, in the child’s thumb on a little bee, little bee like air acrobatic performances, it can easily around the circle in the air and somersault, bee at the time of performance, the eyes of children will follow it, remember to rotate slowly, once a minute or two you can!Let’s find out the purpose of the game: to relieve eye strain and adjust the ciliary muscle by looking at it.Game play: and children in the balcony to look far, can see the things into a small search game!”Look for benches in the community garden”, “find all the white cars parked downstairs”, “Find eight red things”…Supplement nutrition eye protection diet recommended to protect the role of the following nutrients: 1, lutein and zeaxanthin effect: prevent harmful light rich lutein food: spinach, broccoli, onion, red amaranth, asparagus, rape and so on.Foods rich in zeaxanthin: corn, squash, oranges, spinach, mustard, etc.Beta-carotene benefits: Prevent night blindness Beta-carotene fruits and vegetables are A good source of vitamin A.Foods rich in beta carotene: carrots, spinach, squash, sweet potatoes, broccoli, mangoes, etc.3. DHA benefits: Make your vision clearer. Foods rich in DHA: salmon, salmon, cod, etc.4, vitamin C efficacy: improve eye health vitamin C rich food: kiwi fruit, fresh dates, grapefruit, green pepper, strawberry and so on.Small eyes are very important, everyone should protect them.Eat more vegetables do not picky food, writing posture to correct.Back straight head high to do, a punch a foot to remember.Don’t read when you walk or ride. Don’t read when you lie in bed.Turn on the light in the dark and don’t read in the sun.Science love eye myopia is preventable and controllable but cannot cure, home attaches great importance to the good children eyesight protection work together, work together to provide children with a good visual environment, create a good outdoor sports atmosphere, to control the length of the young children to use electronic products, cultivate children’s good habits with the eye, constantly raise the level of children’s vision health self care.Science with the eye, prevent myopia, big hand holding small hand, through our joint efforts to let all the children can have a pair of bright eyes!