One second tear collapse of 21 words, cone piercing heart, while watching while crying

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Those who don’t even say goodbye to leave, probably never meet again, after all, praise enough disappointed people will not look back.I still believe in love, just don’t believe that love can forever.”That you busy first”, just four words actually contain, really want to continue to chat with you ah, but I want to behave a little more reserved and sensible, you are busy ah who is not busy ah, I can make time for you, you can not put down what you are doing, more accompany me for a while, really angry me.So many words.You go well simply, like breaking up like countless times, never drag water.You are like this, cool to die, stubborn to die, sensitive to die, encounter things will only die support, tears can not tolerate a grain of sand, so no one loves you, no one cares about your feelings.Neither cold nor hot, in nature is the most comfortable temperature, but in the emotional world, it is the most let a person want to die of temperature.Is not all my pain, care, uncomfortable, tangled, in your eyes are just eight words: inexplicable, vexatious.Night negative energy to doubt life, but can like a fool during the day, smile happily alive, perhaps, this is life.No one knows how happy I am when I think of you;No one knows, I am happy in the sad and suffering.No one knows, you have been engraved in my heart, become my life can not erase the mark.10, he doesn’t like you, you are deliberately beautifully appear next to him is useless, you send him sugar is not sweet, and regularly send where? What are you doing, in his eyes with the nature of the sales message is the same, you update the charade he is in a state of don’t understand, you crying her eyes out at the he would anodyne.He’s your background, and you’re his.I am not good enough but also good, always smile but happy little.No lover no expectations, occasionally wind will cry drink will be drunk.All endure grievance and pretend to be strong, in front of parents that tired to go home.It seems like this every time, no exception.When we most need a person to rely on, often to the end are their own a person to survive.I used to crush the things I love, I used to drive the people I love the most away, just tears to swallow, want to cry cry not out, choked in the throat, pain to fingers shaking.A person, if not free, it is because he does not want to be free, a person, if can not walk away, it is because I do not want to go away, a person, too many excuses for you, it is because I do not want to care.Dare not say, because I am timid, because if you refuse, I will not be able to see you again, would rather love you silently, can not let you know, until, until you into the arms of others!Pain is only their own know, have not changed only their own to understand, don’t ask me good, can not die.Sometimes, you choose to keep a distance with someone, not because you don’t care, but because you know clearly: don’t fantasy, ta does not belong to you.In everyone’s heart there is a city, living in an impossible person, that person passed by the youth for a while, but will be stranded in memory for a lifetime.No matter how hard you try to make yourself perfect, there will always be a group of people pointing at your back.I hope you cry, put the heart cold, the ruthless play some better.