Man online gambling addiction to raise gambling funds at knifepoint robbery

2022-05-25 0 By

Fujian Rule of law newspaper – The straits rule of law online February 11 – a man addicted to online gambling, to raise gambling funds unexpectedly robbery with a knife.Recently, pucheng County people’s Procuratorate public prosecution of a knife robbery, the defendant Wang was sentenced to 5 years in prison for robbery, intentional destruction of property two crimes, and fined 5,000 yuan.At the end of August 2021, Wang, who was heavily in debt due to his addiction to online gambling, had the idea of robbing a taxi driver in order to raise money and asked the driver for his mobile phone number.The next day, Wang carrying claw hammer, dagger, tape and other crime tools, contact Zhang to a town by car.On the way, Wang threatened Zhang with a knife. Zhang was afraid and transferred more than 10,000 yuan of Yu ‘ebao and 30,000 yuan of wechat change to Wang’s bank card, and 700 yuan on his body was also seized.In the evening, Zhang looking for an opportunity to untie the binding tape jumped out of the taxi to escape, to the opposite truck to help and report.Wang saw this, driving the taxi to continue to drive, then burned the taxi, fled the scene, discarded the crime tools and robbed items such as mobile phones, hiding in the mountains, the next morning after family members advised down the mountain to surrender.After the incident, Wang mou confessed to the crime, and actively compensate Zhang Mou economic losses to obtain understanding, the court to its light punishment, then make the above judgment.(He Zhangyuan, Zhang Ying)