In order to let the run she came back, looking for sister to play fiancee, released the news to be engaged

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♀ pay attention to asha festival, every day to bring you boutique novel recommendation!A year ago, Ruan Qing (female) and boss Qin Lie (male) and boss secretary Feng Xiwei on a business trip.Qin Lie knows his charm, never hire a female secretary, absolutely avoid office romance.At that time, they are not ambiguous, go out purely for business!Qin Lie and small feng is a gentleman, for Ruan Qing blocked a lot of wine, three people only Ruan Qing conscious, ruan Qing in the hotel with the help of the waiter, the first small feng settled!Go to the next room to settle Qin Lie.Ruan Qing took a towel to wipe qin Lie’s face, see the faint in Qin Lie, failed to resist temptation, aboveboard to eat tofu, bent down to kiss the time, suddenly was he turned over pressure in the body……Afterwards, Qin Lie put forward as maintain this kind of relationship!The condition is, although money asks to carry, cannot let others know, cannot do particularity on the job, cannot interfere the other side contacts other opposite sex, the other side had fixed companion to terminate unconditionally!Ruan Qing, Ruan Qing feel Cinderella married into the rich family is not who can, so instead the most appropriate!The two of them immediately and, such an underground relationship maintained for a year, until last night Nguyen Tien proposed to end.Ruan Qing age is not small, Ruan mother every two days to find someone to introduce ruan Qing boyfriend, this introduction he is a university professor Yu Yiqi!Look at also pleasing to the eye, in order to avoid having no flow of people appear to lose appetite, ready to try communication.Qin Lie sent a store as a parting gift, turned to Yu Yiqi that trouble, let him quickly break up…Ruan Qing manages love while, also did not forget the thing that manages clothing store…Ps: such a style of love I really the first time to see, in the work of the battle of wits and bravery calculate, in the love of two people are battle of wits and bravery, see who first bow to vexpress, two people also fight of fun!She take annual leave for a month, male master in order to let her come back, find sister play admirers, released the news to be engaged, she found herself pregnant, fuming back to find cheating and playing with women’s feelings of man, the result is a mistake novel excerpted ♥ above is the whole content of this issue, we see next.If you like my article, please like it, bookmark it and follow me!Welcome to join us!!