Guangdong men’s basketball team mother recent photos beautiful!Fifty looks like twenty, fair skinned, tall

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Although guangdong men’s basketball team has no problem entering the playoffs in the CBA regular season, it is very difficult to overcome the mountain of Liaoning men’s basketball team to win the championship according to the form of this year, which has a lot to do with Yi Jianlian’s gradual aging.In addition to the results of guangdong men’s basketball team, for example, “the most beautiful owner’s wife” is often talked about by fans.But recently, another group of beautiful photos circulated on the Internet, but the woman is not “the most beautiful owner”, but guangdong team player Hu Mingxuan’s mother.Recently, Hu mingxuan’s mother and two other friends climbed the mountain together, a source said is “mountain blessing”.In the photo, Hu mingxuan’s mother is wearing a pair of sunglasses, a green T-shirt, jeans and sneakers, giving a very sunny and young feeling.Without annotation, no one could associate her with her 50-year-old mother, who in the photo looks like a young girl in her 20s.It is understood that Hu’s mother is 27 years older than him. Hu was born in 1998, and his mother should have been born in 1971.50 years old people maintain so good, in addition to the quality of life is good, their daily maintenance is also very important.Hu mingxuan’s father is 15 years older than his mother, and is already visibly senile, compared with Hu Mingxuan’s mother, the gap is particularly large.Although Hu’s father is 65, he only looks old by comparison with his mother.When Xinjiang-born Hu mingxuan joined guangdong, his family moved to guangdong to take better care of his son, according to online media.His father, a longtime physical trainer, now works at a dance agency in Dongguan.Pictures circulating on the Internet show the old man’s physique is still ok, with dumbbells and back flips, but he still has a lot of fat on his body and his weight gain is quite obvious.In addition to “the most beautiful owner’s wife”, Hu Mingxuan’s mother often appeared in the games whenever guangdong team played. Her fair skin, enchanting beauty and tall figure also became a beautiful scenery line in CBA games.Hu mingxuan, 23, has been playing moderately this season and has made 13 appearances for Guangdong, six of them starting, averaging 15.6 points in 23.8 minutes per game.That’s a big improvement from last season’s 11.3 points per game.It should be said that Hu Mingxuan has gradually moved towards the core position of guangdong team.All this, too, has a lot to do with mother’s care.