Yaozhou district kindergartens and primary schools orderly return to school

2022-05-24 0 By

On March 28, according to the unified deployment of the city and district, primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Yaozhou district ended online teaching for two weeks and resumed offline teaching in an orderly manner.Zone according to the municipal, district epidemic spreading headquarters notice about orderly restore order to the production and living, yao obviously by the class body bureau held offline teaching advance will work in time, arrangement of primary and secondary school kindergarten classes to school work, issued “about in the notice of job of teaching of primary and secondary schools, kindergarten recovery offline, restore offline teaching time range, make a specific job requirements.Yao obviously by the class body bureau for each school conscientiously to school teachers and students health monitoring, environmental shoppers and logistics work, according to the schools and the actual situation of the teachers and students to school as a whole to arrange online synchronous teaching work, strictly implement the resumption of school after the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures, ensure well-prepared before the teachers and students back to school, when a sleek, smooth after the security.Arrange early deployment of each school, the preparatory work ahead of time, organize campus environment health management, centralized xiaosha disinfection and nucleic acid detection between teachers and students work, purchase supplies, canteen food, do a good job in logistics service guarantee, MoPai ahead of the teachers and students back to school, make the recovery work offline teaching plan, teacher to come to school early, do good preparation before class,Effectively guarantee the smooth development of offline teaching.For students who are in the closed and controlled areas or within the scope of health monitoring and cannot return to school, the school formulated online synchronous teaching plan according to the actual situation, implemented specific measures and continued online teaching to ensure the orderly development of education and teaching activities in schools of Yaozhou District.