Is the first homegrown nine-valent HPV vaccine coming?

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With the nine-valent HPV vaccine still hard to find, domestic vaccine companies are racing against time.Among them, Kangle Guard is in the first tier, its self-developed nine-valent HPV vaccine has started phase iii clinical trials.In addition to its research and development, Cologuard has taken a big step forward in the capital market by planning to list on the Beijing Stock Exchange.In the view of the industry, Kangle guardian listing can obtain financial support, used to promote the clinical research and industrialization of nine-valent HPV vaccine.If the development and marketing are successful, Kangle Guard will be expected to become “the first domestic nine-valent HPV vaccine”.On the evening of February 15th, Connolls issued an announcement that the company applied for a public offering and listing on the Beijing Stock Exchange, intending to offer its shares to unspecified qualified investors and to list on the Beijing Stock Exchange.According to the announcement, the number of shares to be issued shall not exceed 44.53 million, not more than 25% of the total share capital after issuance. The final number of shares to be issued shall be determined by the board of directors authorized by the Shareholders’ Meeting and the lead underwriters after approval by the BSE and registration and approval by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.According to the announcement, this issue is all new shares, the base price is 77.68 yuan/share, the final issue price will be determined by the board of Directors authorized by the general Meeting of shareholders and the lead underwriters in the issue, taking into account market conditions, the growth of the company and other factors and inquiry results, and referring to the trading price of a certain period before the issue;If the market environment changes greatly in the future, Kangle guard will adjust the issue floor price according to the situation.Kangle Guard is a biotechnology enterprise with gene recombination technology as the core, mainly engaged in the research and development of recombinant protein vaccine, and has the leading core technology and research and development ability in the research and development of new recombinant HPV vaccine at home and abroad.According to the 2021 semi-annual report, The pipeline covers trivalent HPV vaccine, nine-valent HPV vaccine, 15-valent HPV vaccine, recombinant six-valent norovirus vaccine, recombinant multivalent hand, foot and mouth vaccine, recombinant novel Coronavirus vaccine and recombinant herpes zoster vaccine.HPV vaccine is a high-profile product pipeline for Kluordefenders.Compared with other products in preclinical and early stage studies, Kangulangle’s trivalent, nine-valent and 15-valent HPV vaccines are in different clinical studies and proposed clinical applications, and are expected to be the first to be commercialized.In view of business development and other circumstances, Beijing Business Daily reporters contacted Kangle guard, but did not receive a reply by the time of publication.If Kangle Guard is successfully listed this time, it is expected to become the “first domestic nine-valent HPV vaccine”.The nine-valent HPV vaccine is one of the key promotion projects of Kangle Guardian.In August 2021, Kangle Completed a pre-IPO round of financing of more than 1 billion yuan. The company plans to use the funds raised in this round for the cost of clinical research of nine-valent HPV vaccine and trivalent HPV vaccine, as well as the construction cost of kunming vaccine industry base.It is understood that the “price” of the HPV vaccine corresponds to the number of virus types.Currently, there are bivalent, quadrivalent and nine-valent HPV vaccines available worldwide.In April 2018, the State Medical Products Administration conditionally approved Merck’s nine-valent HPV vaccine for cervical cancer prevention.So far, there is no second nine-valent HPV vaccine approved for marketing in China.Against more than 100 subtypes of HPV, the bivalent HPV vaccine protects against two high-risk types of cancer (HPV16 and 18).Tetravalent HPV vaccine can protect against HPV6 and 11 infection on the basis of bivalent vaccine and reduce the risk of genital warts.The nine-valent HPV vaccine covers subtypes 3, 6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 45, 52 and 58, preventing more than 90% of condyloma acuminatum and cervical cancer.Because many consumers have a nine-valent > four-valent > two-valent mentality, the phenomenon of nine-valent HPV vaccine demand exceeds supply from time to time.Currently, bivalent and quadrivalent HPV vaccines have been approved in China for use in women aged 9 to 45, while the Mersato nine-valent HPV vaccine can be used in women aged 16 to 26.After Beijing commercial daily reporter interview, affiliated to the capital university of medical sciences, Beijing maternity hospital chief physician zhao-hui liu has said that the public should according to oneself circumstance, considering protective efficacy and economic factors to select, high vaccine can prevent more types of HPV, suggested that women should be within the age range type of vaccine, vaccination a higher price to obtain a more comprehensive protection,Parents are urged to vaccinate their children against HPV as early as possible to help them achieve better protection.The layout of many enterprises is not only kangle guard, in the huge market supply gap, there are many domestic enterprises such as Wantai biology, Watson biology aiming at this market.It is reported that Regco biological has two bivalent HPV vaccine pipeline, one quadrivalent HPV vaccine pipeline, two nine-valent HPV vaccine pipeline.According to its prospectus disclosed in Hong Kong, REC603, the company’s aluminium adjuvant HPV nine-valent vaccine, has entered phase iii clinical trials.The phase iii clinical trial of nine-valent HPV vaccine independently developed by Kangle Has also been launched, and the first subject was successfully enrolled in Sheyang County Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Jiangsu Province on December 5, 2020.In March 2021, Wantai biological said on the investor interactive platform that the company’s nine-price cervical cancer vaccine has entered phase III clinical trials, and the specific listing time depends on the clinical and approval progress.Watson Bio’s nine-valent HPV vaccine is in phase III clinical preparation.Taolina, a vaccine expert, told Beijing Business Daily that there is only one manufacturer in the world behind the shortage of nine-valent HPV vaccine.With the launch of the homegrown nine-valent HPV vaccine, consumers have more options.Beijing Business Daily reporter Yao Qian