Guoan optimization of the choice of “only poor signature”, Saipaoli is not successful, Jiang Xiangyou as Marcelo?

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Ha Dae-sung in the past and Kim Min-jae in the latter, there are not many Korean foreign players in the history of national Security team since the league professionalism, but they are not bad in ability and are all Korean international players.At present, there is “only need to sign” Kang Xiang-woo, if we can introduce him in the new season, will be able to play a certain help to the defense, midfield, wing area and even the front line.So let’s simple to understand the south Korean international, born in October 93, he is now 28 years old, age is when a dozen of years, and only height 1 meter 75, but as a side of players problem also is not big, although is right-footed but on the left to play more, may be his own good foot technique and feet,So it’s easy to cut inside and shoot on the left.Like Kim Tae-yeon, he can play as a full-back on both sides, but he mainly plays as a left-back. Depending on the formation, he can also play as a left wing defender or a left halfback. When the tactics are needed, he can also play as a left-winger.Most of them in his previous career posco team effectiveness, as early as 2014 and champions league game against shandong luneng, come to the fore, although only five minutes of his time, after 2015, gradually establish the team main force position, was named to the South Korea’s U23 national team at that time, he made the Korean national team last year in June.In the past two years, he maintained good ability and condition. In 2020 and 2021, he not only entered the K-League’s Best 11, but also won the K-League’s champion of assisting in 2020.He scored 20 goals and 25 assists in 190 k-League games, not bad from his position.In terms of his technical characteristics, he is also a player who likes to control the ball and dribble breakthrough. He has good foot skills and strong running ability. Of course, many Korean players are good at this aspect.In addition, his footwork is also very good, the shooting and cross, free kicks and set pieces are very good quality.The combination of character and play has always felt like a marcelo type.It is also worth noting that he will start wearing the no.10 shirt for Pohang in the 2021 season. As a full-back, he has chosen this core number because he is already the captain of the team and also proves that he is an aggressive player, after all, he has played in the front position before.In short, The price of south Korean players is not high practical is very strong, the salary will not be too high, I hope the Country or can grasp this opportunity, Jiang Xiangyou’s position is the most appropriate complement to Li Lei left, and the offensive ability is stronger than Li Lei.Since General manager Li Ming said guoan is not rebuilding, the new personnel must be better than the previous players in terms of ability, otherwise it cannot be called optimization.Welcome to GT outfield MVP. If you want more content, follow GT OUTfield MVP