Folk Tale: Walking through the womb

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In a small mountain village south of Shunyi in the Qing Dynasty, a group of people were sitting under a big pagoda tree at the entrance of the village to enjoy the cool. Children were chasing around the tree, while adults gathered around a young Taoist chief dressed in a Taoist robe.This is a Taoist monk with excellent medical skills.Five days ago, the Taoist priest passed by here and happened to meet an old carpenter in the village who was dying. The doctors were at a loss what to do. It was the Taoist priest who took the hand and pulled the old carpenter back from the brink of death.It was a hot day, and the children were sweating, so they hid in the shade and opened their clothes to enjoy the cool.One of them, a seven-year-old girl named Xiao Cui, also learned from her peers by opening their clothes to cool off.At this time, small cui’s grandfather saw her, immediately rose angrily way: “you this child, in front of the long how so indiscreet, quickly pull down the clothes!”Road long look back, just happened to see a small emerald green left chest below a big mole, that mole is reddish-brown, look very strange.Taoist face big change, quickly got up and came to small cui side.Grandpa also noticed the mistake and hurried through the crowd to get closer.Long looking at the small emerald green body that big mole, repeatedly shake his head sigh: “is really evil, this child live but ten years old!”Grandpa was surprised after hearing this and asked how it happened.Long said, this mole and special things, but a kind of mark, only by ghosts pester the person, chest will appear this kind of red brown mole, general this kind of situation, when the child is less than 10 years old, the soul will be abducted by evil ghosts, loss of life.In addition, after being possessed by an evil spirit, the vital energy is sucked away, and the person becomes very sleepy, sleeping all day long, and the dead body rots and stinks after three days.Grandpa was surprised when he heard this. He pulled the horse and knelt down in front of the road chief, asking for help.Road long face dew difficult color, after meditating for a long time just frankly way: “the truth is not to tell the truth, poor way magic power is low, but in the medical aspect more attainments, although I can see the child’s problem, but can’t solve!”Long words like a bolt from the blue, called grandpa a buttock slumped on the ground.You know, Cui is a child with a hard life. Her parents died and she lived with her grandfather. Now she is only seven years old, and her life is threatened.Long also very helpless, but next second, what does he like to think of it, rummaging through the baggage up to quickly remove the body, after a while, he took out a spike necklace, and hang it on the small cui’s neck: “almost forget this thing, it is being original were presented for the teacher, have the can to ward off bad luck, as long as it carries, should have no problem.”Then, long told ye Sun two, wait until the small cui nine years old that year, must not let her go out, especially at the time of the year, as long as endure the past, should have no problem.After hearing this, he and sun knelt to thank him immediately, and the villagers on the other side also came forward to express their reverence to the Taoist chief.Half a month later, long left, parting, he went to the small cui home to visit her, told her again after nine years old don’t go out.Cui seemed to understand, but she liked the kind priest and nodded silently in agreement.Since then, the necklace of spike teeth has been worn around Tsui’s neck.Two years went by in the blink of an eye, small emerald green finally arrived nine years old, grandpa has been keeping in mind the teachings of the road long, from small emerald green nine years old after birth, he will be granddaughter locked in the home, do not allow her to go out.Small cui is very obedient at first, but she is still a child, after all, to hear outside the little friends playing sound, heart naturally very longing.As the end of the New Year approaches, grandpa is busy shopping for New Year’s goods. But every time he goes out, he locks the door of his house and only allows Cui to move around in the yard.One afternoon, while Cui was sitting in the courtyard basking in the sun, some friends from the village stole a ladder from nowhere and climbed to the top of Cui’s wall, Shouting at her to go out and play.Small emerald green mouth does not agree, can already floated home outside the door.After several friends’ encouragement, Cui finally crawls out, but in the moment when she climbs over the wall to go out, the spike necklace on her neck is incredibly broken and falls into the yard, but she doesn’t have the heart to pick it up, so she turns and goes out.A few children sneaked off to play in the field, where it was snowing heavily and the road was slippery.Just then, a dark figure appeared in front of Her. As she approached, she realized it was a man with a sullen face.The man seemed to know her and walked straight up to her: “Tsui, isn’t your grandfather at home?”Small emerald green also didn’t think much, casually answer sentence, black clothes man continue way: “that you go with me, take you to a good place!”Tsui didn’t know him, but her body seemed out of control, and she followed the man.Fortunately, other small friends found small emerald green abnormal, quickly ran forward Shouting small emerald green’s name, emerald green this just restored normal, and pointed to the black man before asking whether others know him.The children looked frightened and said, “Tsui, you are wrong. Where is the man in front of you?”When She looked back, she saw that the man in black had disappeared. She tried to look for him, but felt as if she had been pulled. She slipped and rolled into a puddle.Small friends rushed past, small cui has passed out.Little cui’s grandfather got the news, immediately rushed over, looking at the pale, unconscious granddaughter, the grandfather was heartbroken, fortunately, a few days later, little Cui woke up, the whole person seems to have no change, the only anomaly is that she became very lethargic, sleep every day.It’s like one minute she’s playing in the yard, and then the next minute she falls asleep, and she sleeps all the time except for eating, and then she falls asleep during eating.And Tsui always had a strange dream.In her dream, she saw the strange man in black again. He took him by the hand to a grand mansion and walked to the side of a pregnant woman. The next moment, the man picked up Tsui and shoved her into the pregnant woman’s stomach.In addition, grandpa noticed a purple line on Her neck, as if someone had drawn it on, but she couldn’t wash it off.Not only that, the lines get longer every day, they already circle her neck and extend to her arms, which will soon reach her fingers.Grandpa became more and more uneasy, remembering what he had said two years ago, it seemed that the nine-year-old could not be avoided.Be in him disheartened during, the merchant of the village was informed small emerald green in evil thing.The freighter traveled extensively throughout the year, and naturally knew many talented people.Not long ago, he got to know a psychic woman named Xu, who was capable of predicting good or bad luck and fortune, and had solved many strange things. The local people respected her as Granny Xu.The cargo man tells the grandpa of small emerald green this matter, and took ye Sun two to find xu mother-in-law.When Xu saw Her, all she could say was, “My child’s soul has been stolen!”Grandpa listened to the heart sank, quickly knelt down before xu Poa for help.Mother-in-law Xu stepped forward to help it up and continued: “Do you know how to walk?”The so-called abortion is actually a very cruel charm.There are many unborn or not long after the birth of the dead children, they are mostly because of the natural soul is not all caused by, if you want to call them smooth birth, in fact, there is a way, that is to walk the fetus.Abortion is actually using someone else’s life, in exchange for their child’s life.A family before walking fetus, will first please Mr Yin and Yang, use the soul art please go home a lonely soul wild ghost, and delicious and good to drink to wait on, then use him to look for and fetal eight word fit of the child, after making a mark, namely under the chest that red brown mole.Later, when the child is about to be born, the raised ghost will take away the soul of the chosen child and put it into the belly of the pregnant woman to fill the damaged soul of the child and make it be born smoothly, which is called “walking fetus”.Now, it looks like She was chosen to be aborted, and when that purple cord grows down to her right ring finger, that’s when She dies.Grandpa was surprised when he heard this and rushed forward for help.Xu mother-in-law poured no nonsense, directly with small cui into the back room, and took out a silver needle, ruthlessly stuck in the small cui’s right ring finger, and will drop blood in a bowl.Later, Xu took out a piece of yellow paper and wrote down Cui’s name and birthday eight characters, burned ashes and put them into water, and then poured the water into a small pot and handed it to grandpa and Grandson: “Go back to find a black dog and let it drink the water, and then give your granddaughter eggs!”Of course, not ordinary eggs, need to use cinar in the egg skin to write down the birthday of small emerald green eight characters, boiled after the small emerald green eat, eat enough for 30 days, and those egg skin, pounded to feed the dog that drinks water.At night after thirty days, no matter what sounds in the yard, do not go out to check.After returning home, grandpa immediately according to the lingpo said, to find a black dog, and will feed it to drink, and prepared thirty eggs, with cinnabar write small cui’s birthday eight characters…….Thirty days later in the night, everything was ready, just as lingpo said, just after midnight, there was a loud noise and a dog barking in the yard.In a moment the dog barked and the noise in the yard died away as if nothing had happened.The next day, grandpa was surprised to find that cui’s purple line had disappeared and her lethargy had disappeared. It seemed that the problem had been solved.Half a month later, he heard a rumor that a man surnamed Kang gave birth to a child in a neighboring village whose daughter-in-law barked like a dog. They looked at each other with a smile.