Can you get a butt at home?Fencing champion Zhong Weiping will meet you

2022-05-24 0 By

Today, fencing world champion Zhong Weiping will talk to you about how she does home exercise. Let’s work together to win the battle against the epidemic.Feet shoulder-width apart 2. Hands crossed on shoulders 3. Sit down with hips up 4.Squat thigh and knee parallel 12 times a group to do 4 groups1 minute interval ZhongWeiPing want to say to you “wish you keep healthy at home thank in preparation for the staff in the state of” small body to encourage everyone to follow in the footsteps of champions at home exercise at the same time can participate in micro talent creative movement that occupy the home video challenge, click on the link below to participate in the show your sports idea that occupy the home