The big reversal!Aaron Guo to make a big decision, or give up MVP early, fans: Mature

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Everybody is good!Welcome to bearded Sports bar!This program will talk about Liaoning men’s basketball team and Guo Allen with the fans.There’s no denying that the regular season is a different one than the last two.Liaoning men’s basketball team with a more complete lineup, now also come out first.On the contrary, Guangdong Hongyuan has lost the chance to compete for the top spot in the regular season due to a large number of injuries, and has even dropped out of the top four in the standings.Therefore, under the team’s one-man show, fans also began to care about whether Guo Allen can smoothly win the MVP trophy of this season.After all, despite his perfect performance last season, Guo lost his glory due to his limited appearances.This incident also caused great controversy at the time.You know, for losing the regular season MVP trophy, Aaron Guo or more concerned.After many positions, but also revealed the heart of Guo Allen unwilling.After all, as a CBA super player, the MVP is also the best affirmation of his personal strength.Fortunately, the new season Guo Allen is also ushered in a better opportunity.The team, under the comprehensive upgrade, is also firmly sitting the first place in the standings.Personally, the new season is also more mature and comprehensive.In particular, the three-point shooting ability, which is often criticized, has been substantially improved in the new season.And, for guo Allen’s overall promotion, the new season Yang Ming is also full of praise.In many post-game interviews, Yang Ming is also outspoken Guo Allen is liaoning men’s basketball true foreign aid.Therefore, as long as Guo Allen continued to steady output, winning the MVP trophy is also deserved.But never thought, guo Allen has made a very unexpected decision recently.In the second phase of the remaining 2 ball situation, Guo Allen has directly chosen to give up.And, according to the major media Revelations, now Guo Allen is directly left the competition area, and returned to Shenyang.And as we know, Guo Allen’s sudden choice to leave, is also related to their own injuries.In the victory over North Control men’s basketball game, zhao Huanyu has been publicly disclosed.Said Guo Allen thigh strain, and there are dry heaves, diarrhea and other symptoms.Undeniably, Guo Allen’s early departure, or the probability of giving up the MVP trophy for the regular season.You need to play at least 26 games to get an MVP nomination.But very regrettably, because of guo Allen early season suspension and other reasons, now also only played in 17 games.And in the third round only 10 rounds of the situation, Guo Alun also left only a rest of the opportunity.As we all know, for the playoffs, for the finals, such as Liaoning men’s basketball championship favorites, in the second half of the third phase will give the main force more rotation adjustment opportunities.And if at this time because of the MVP’s sake, and then stick with Aaron Guo, it will certainly affect the playoff results.If Guo Allen was injured, it is more than worth the loss.But come back, Guo Alun this decision, for Liaoning men’s basketball but still a blessing in disguise good news.If Guo Allen obsessed with the MVP competition, and ignore their own health, but will bring a huge blow to Liaoning men’s basketball championship.Fortunately, now The Guo Allen is no longer obsessed with the honor of the individual, now the guo Allen heart also only the total championship trophy.Undeniably, such Guo Allen is really mature.What do fans think of this?You are also welcome to have an interactive discussion in the comments section.