New Oriental live with goods two months, Yu Minhong: there is no retreat

2022-05-23 0 By

With the landing of the double reduction policy, New Oriental in order to seek development, to e-commerce with goods transformation.Now, the distance from Yu Minhong live with goods has been two months, but the data platform shows that the performance of New Oriental with goods is mediocre.Why new Oriental take goods performance is general?In the selection of products, New Oriental chooses agricultural products, and takes a middle and high-end route. The low price is the reason why many audiences are discouraged.In the live broadcast, New Oriental takes the route of knowledge, hoping to deliver useful information to the audience and achieve the effect of entertaining while teaching. Correspondingly, the pace of live broadcast has little desire to incite consumers to buy.Since December 28, the total number of goods with Oriental Selection 335;Cumulative sales of 4.5476 million yuan;Accumulated sales of 81,400 pieces.”With a start and a goal, there is no way out,” Yu wrote.In live tape goods, New Oriental still has a lot of room for growth.