Who is Yu Min’s apprentice in this play? Who is Yu Min played by?

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The apprentice of Yu Min, who is played by Lei Jiayin, is Yuan Jinhong.1. One unit of the TV series “Achievements” is “Yu Min, the Unsung Hero”, which mainly tells the hardships of Yu Min and other researchers and their outstanding contributions to the new China.2. Yuan Jinhong is yu Min’s right-hand man because of her quick thinking and accurate calculation.He pursued science and devoted himself to the theory of the hydrogen bomb.Lei Jiayin in the play, wearing a pair of thick glasses, some vicissitudes of face, coupled with messy hair, shows the scientists in the life of the untidy appearance, his acting natural smooth, for the audience to deduce a three-dimensional, with “life atmosphere” of the scientist image.Lei Jiayin is a Chinese mainland film and television actor. He entered the entertainment industry in 2004 when he starred in his first TV series, Jianghu.He has solid deduction skills, delicate manner, rich acting experience, always able to polish the role of the individual mark.