The “technology code” behind “Good temperament”

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In recent years, the blue sky and white clouds can always “sun” into the circle of friends in Hefei, the background is blue, matching color is white, with a pat, like the sky.It is reported that shushan District in 2021 annual air quality excellent rate of 86.2%, up two percentage points year-on-year, PM2.5 and PM10 daily mean concentration in the city’s national control site ranked first, air quality has been awarded excellent in the city’s air quality assessment for six consecutive years.How to have this “good temperament”?One of the secrets of Shushan district is the scientific and accurate “wisdom” control of air pollution.Below, the reporter will explore shu mountain atmosphere management “science and technology password”.In Shushan, seemingly ordinary buses actually hide “big skills”.According to Li Yaofei of section chief of atmospheric environment of branch of environment ecology of Shushan area, this area has 61 buses roof to install the iron box of a notebook size, carrying this “magical implement” the bus can be real-time “induction” the atmospheric quality of 500 meters diameter of the place that go, comparable to atmospheric monitoring “patrol soldier”.This is the bureau’s introduction of the “airborne particulate matter monitoring system based on urban public transport vehicles”, the application of this technology in Anhui province is exclusive.”Buying third-party technology is like having a professional ‘green steward’.””The on-board sensors send a set of data on particulate matter concentration, latitude and longitude, and speed every three seconds, and draw a road pollution cloud map every hour. Since the installation, our database has nearly 300 million monitoring data,” Li said.According to the report, 61 buses operate 22 bus routes, basically covering the whole territory of Shushan.It through the cloud platform to collect all the on-board air monitoring data, using the technology of data analysis and processing, realize the pollution alarm road recognition, greatly reduce the search and governance aspects of manpower, this also with the “wisdom” environmental air quality monitoring system of monitoring data of 12 designated air station form complement each other, to achieve precise management.”Not long ago, 56 bus in the road to the jade road and south second ring road intersection section found that VOCs data value is on the high side, after three times of on-site inspection, precise lock a use of benzene exceeded the auto repair shop, immediately let its business for rectification.Li said that the navigation system is a good “early warning officer”, which can help environmental protection departments accurately trace the source and quickly prevent and control.”Critical” peg “black smoke vehicle” reporter in the data of shushan region ecological environment bureau command center, staff Qian Yi open the “black smoke vehicle electronic capture system, according to the day of shushan district six capture points more than 1.9 million vehicles, road traffic system to screening out from 23” black smoke vehicle “, Qian Yi to check them one by one to confirm these vehicles screenshots.The process took him just five minutes, while in the past, the environmental protection department could only check dozens of cars a day at full capacity.It is understood that the system is shushan district in the city took the lead in the construction of motor vehicle exhaust control “weapon”.”Our data is connected with the traffic police department, and according to the mode of” obtaining evidence of ecological environment and punishing the traffic control department of public security “, the smoky vehicles captured will be transferred to the traffic control department of public security for punishment according to law.”Qian Yi introduced, in April this year to hefei city traffic police detachment to improve the law enforcement process, will be captured to the “black smoke car” punishment.Data visualization allows the staff to easily understand the air quality of the catering industry lampblack governance problem has always been a difficult problem in the prevention and control of air pollution, but also one of the problems that the masses complain more and react more strongly.It is understood that the bureau is about to bid for the purchase of “food and beverage lampblack detection system”, is expected in March in about 40 large catering enterprises to install 60 sets of monitoring equipment, real-time online monitoring of food and beverage enterprises lampblack emissions standards, to solve the problem of food and beverage lampblack pollution enforcement.”The battle to protect the blue sky has entered an era of refined management, requiring refined, differentiated and dynamic monitoring and governance means that we must rely on the power of science and technology.”Li Yaofei introduced to the author that the “four major systems” of air pollution control in Shushan district with a strong sense of science and technology are all from enterprises in the “China Environment Valley”.At its environmental governance in the area at the same time, push forward the development of environmental protection industry, the “China environmental valley” form “environmental protection technology research and development a core infrastructure components production, environmental protection equipment manufacturing environmental governance, environmental engineering and environmental services”, such as a relatively complete industrial chain, gathering environment more than 180 key enterprises, 2021 output value reached 24 billion yuan.In the next step, Shushan District will start the preparation of the industrial standard development plan (2022-2025) in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection of “China Environment Valley”, so that the energy-saving and environmental protection technology, products and equipment of enterprises in The Valley can reach the leading level in China, and effectively improve the industry concentration and market competitiveness.(Shi Peng, Zhan Weiwei)