Spring, “half skirt” wear so, elegant and intellectual and feminine, suitable for 30 years old + learn from

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Speaking of the skirt must be no stranger to everyone, the skirt is also the highest rate of women who love the beauty of the style, can show the most incisively and vividly the female elegant and gentle temperament.But because of this, the dress is becoming more and more popular, and if you want to wear something eye-catching, you need to pay more attention to the way you wear it.Today, here are some spring skirts for you to wear, elegant and intellectual but also very feminine, very suitable for women over 30 years old.When we choose a skirt, we can start according to our own figure.Among many bodies, the pear shape is the most common one. The main weakness of the pear shape is concentrated in the thigh and crotch. Therefore, when we start with the skirt, we can try to have the waist design and the skirt is loose.I recommend you to try a-line skirts, umbrella skirts or straight skirts with three-dimensional hem.Not only can these styles cover up short legs and crotch areas, but they can also outline a small waist and make your figure look superior.(2) Apple figure but if you belong to the upper body bloated, but the legs slim Apple figure, it is more recommended that you start with some slim skirt, will show the advantage of the lower body, more can wear a slimming effect.What should recommend first is wrap buttock skirt, wrap buttock skirt can outline the line of coxal and thigh thick come out, can model superior waist buttock ratio not only, still can wear a sex appeal to have feminine effect.But if you prefer something more elegant and sophisticated, try a fishtail dress.Fishtail skirt is also designed to cover the buttocks, but the skirt is expanded to show the advantages of the figure and enhance the design sense, easily harvest high head turn rate.In addition to the material can choose the version of the skirt according to their own figure, we also have to pay more attention to the material of the skirt.Especially in this early spring when the temperature is still hovering below zero, we’d better try more thick material style.Woolen, velvet, or knit dresses are great choices for warmth and sophistication, and are perfect for “light ripening” wear for 30-somethings.But if you prefer something a little more textured and soft, satin or silk skirts are recommended.The skirt made of these two materials is more flexible and elegant, and has advanced texture. It is very smooth and combined with the version of the skirt, which can add a lot of advanced and delicate feeling. It is more suitable for women over 30 years old to wear commuting wind or light mature wind.But if you want to wear the effect of reducing age, it is recommended that you start with the material of relatively elegant skirt style, such as the light gauze skirt in the picture below is the best choice.Light yarn material with fluffy effect, can reduce the gentle attributes of skirt, add vitality and smart breath, on the back to ensure that you look young.Color is the final color selection, the most can’t miss in early spring is candy color and Morandi color skirt style.Candy ribbon has a sense of vitality, can not only meet the spring breath but also create a bright effect, and Morandi color skirt is more intellectual and elegant, more suitable for mature women to do temperament feeling wear.However, if you feel that solid colors are too boring and want to wear a more head-turning look, it is recommended to buy a skirt with multi-color elements.For example, half-skirt of broken flower, half-skirt of lattice grain, half-skirt of wave dot, strengthen color feeling, what can let you wear looks more colourful a few.Commuting wind is in specific collocation, we can judge the style of jacket according to his style line.Although a lot of women had arrived 30 years old this age, but still on-the-job field rush about, recommend you to try the collocation of business suit and half-length skirt quite at this moment, be able to combine with soft beautiful feeling together, can deduce the commuter wind that gives intellectual grace to wear more take.However, in order to avoid wearing too boring commuting, it is recommended that you try a combination of skirt and solid color suit with multi-color elements, reduce the seriousness of solid color suit, and it will look more fashionable and interesting.Of course, if you’re looking for something a little softer, try the pleated skirt pictured below with a blazer or coat.Long pleated skirts retain a sense of energy while adding a lot of softness, which can be worn with a suit or coat to create a gentle and generous effect and make your outfit look more intellectual.Gentle breeze in early spring, we can also try a more gentle style to wear, such as the following small cardigan and skirt collocation is worth learning from.If you’re in your 30s, pair a gauzy cake dress with a cardigan.But if you prefer a more mature way to wear, it is recommended that you try an umbrella skirt and a small cardigan, will be more elegant temperament.Master these tips when it comes to wearing a skirt this year. It’s elegant, intellectual and feminine, and 30-year-old women should not miss out.