One tiger baiying won together UNIK IDD and UNI-V

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UNIK IDD and UNI-V hot snow Chang ‘an together won the gold Medal UNIK IDD and UNI-V Chang ‘an Open the Lantern Festival dinner UNIK IDD and UNI-V Event Date: February 16 – February 28 Event format:Atmosphere creation, theme interaction, policy release Suining Xingzhi ‘an invites you to participate in the “UNIK tasting group purchase /UNIT new launch/” activities, more exquisite activities and gifts waiting for you to take.The opportunity is too rare to miss!Uni-k limited Time Promotion $36500 UNI-K Policy Package1. Additional purchase subsidy of UNI-K: RMB 3000; 2. Replacement of old cars to the maximum subsidy of RMB 7000; 3Old car, old car replacement new car does not lose money 9, give 2000 yuan of 4 maintenance in 2 years – buy a car to pay 388 yuan 10, changan attraction APP determined and evaluation reward to high 500 yuan 11, transfer to introduce friends and relatives to buy a car to give 1000 yuan of 100 thousand U coins Note: policy is changing at any time, please consult to the shop specific policy shall be subject to.Year of the Tiger Promotion -UNI-T up to 33,500 YUAN uni-T discount policy:¥2000 for additional uni-T purchase; ¥6000 for replacement of old car; ¥10000 for basic car connection; ¥3000 for 3-year car connection; ¥3000 for medical staff; ¥6000 for major customers; ¥1680 for uni-T package home9, the original price of the old car recovery, replacement of the old car without loss of money 10, give 2000 yuan 4 times of maintenance in 2 years – buy the car pay 388 yuan 11, Changan Gravity APP determined and evaluation of the reward to 500 yuan 12, introduce friends and relatives to buy the car give 1000 YUAN OF 100,000 U coins Note:The policy is subject to change at any time, please consult the specific policy to prevail.UNI-K let’s get this straight. We want you to ask for money. Come and see.We don’t talk to you about dreams, knowing that your dreams are not to work.Are you underappreciated?It just so happens that our boss has fallen on hard times.Suining Xing Zhi ‘an Company, special treatment is not successful.Money and feelings, poetry and distance we give you.N salary, N days holiday, five insurments/meal allowance/telephone allowance/large allowance.For not losing money – the original price for a new car used car price in changan changan UNI – K is not losing money UNI – K great mews used car price in new car UNI – K original acquisition for clunkers new car to save money, don’t lose money UNI – K to save money, save money, special and new car # UNI – K drive will be big customer policy: group big customers preferential to seven points higher