Luoji Mountain Scenic spot Spring Festival holiday travel tips

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Dear friends, happy New Year. Welcome to Luoji Mountain Scenic spot. The Spring Festival is coming.According to the recent arrangements and arrangements of relevant departments for epidemic prevention and control, and according to the requirements of “limiting, booking and off-peak”, I would like to offer you the following tips:In addition, during the Spring Festival, the flow of people increases, and the imported epidemic information is under great pressure.In order to strictly implement the overall prevention and control principle of “preventing imported cases from abroad, preventing rebound at home and preventing people from sharing the same responsibility,” the “four-party responsibility” should be tightened, and the achievements of epidemic prevention and control should be consolidated to ensure that the people enjoy a healthy, safe and peaceful Spring Festival.All people from outside the prefecture (returning) are required to truthfully report their travel and health status to their villages (communities), work units and hotels. Nucleic acid tests should be carried out within 24 hours after arriving in Dazhou, and relevant epidemic prevention and control measures should be implemented.Please pay attention to the wechat official account of Luoji Mountain Scenic Spot and reserve the tickets in advance with your real name, or purchase the tickets on site after making an appointment.Please read the booking instructions carefully and fill in your personal information before booking online.Meanwhile, please apply for “Sichuan Tianfutong Health Code” and “Communication Big data Travel Card” in advance.Method one: online booking fast in method 2: purchase tickets reservation booking after the scene in three, in notes 1, from the high risk areas, health code for red yellow code, tourists have the same action with confirmed cases of trajectory, could not enter the scenic area, has been to the scenic spot, to be near to the nucleic acid detection and in accordance with the provisions, carry out health management).2. According to the requirements of “peak error, reservation and flow restriction”, the scenic spot carries out online real-name ticket purchase. Before entering the scenic spot, tourists should pay attention to the official wechat account of the scenic spot “Luoji Mountain Scenic Area” to reserve the ticket.3. Visitors are required to wear masks when entering the scenic spot, and only after checking temperature — checking health code, travel card — scanning location code can they enter the scenic spot after checking tickets.4. Tourists from abroad, those with a body temperature higher than 37.3 degrees Celsius, those who have traveled abroad within 14 days or those who have lived in key areas affected by the epidemic are not allowed to enter the scenic spot.5. After entering the scenic spot, tourists should disperse and keep a safe distance of “one meter line”;The restrictive measures for catering in scenic spots during the epidemic prevention and control period shall be strictly implemented, and the relevant provisions of the scenic spots shall be strictly observed.6. When the tickets cannot be booked online, the tourists entering the scenic spot have reached the maximum carrying capacity, and the scenic spot will close the entrance channel and suspend the tourists entering the scenic spot.Remark: The scenic spot adopts online real-name system to purchase tickets, please fill in your personal information according to the requirements.After arriving at the scenic spot, please cooperate with the staff to show the qr code and nucleic acid test report to enter the scenic spot successfully. Wish you a pleasant journey!Source: Luoji Mountain Scenic spot Editor: Lei Qing Responsible editor: Yang Xi