Jia Xiuquan are you ashamed?Tang Leaves for Britain overnight, airport tearful thanks to Shui Qingxia trust

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Jia Xiuquan are you ashamed?Tang Jiali overnight flew to the UK, the airport a tearful thanks ShuiQingXia trust in the just-concluded women’s Asian cup final Tang Jiali above a person alone made three goals, become the Chinese team win the number one, after the end of the game immediately Tang Jiali is also set to return to the UK to participate in the premier league, women’s Tang Jiali now plays for spurs,Through his outstanding performance has a foothold in the team, won the praise of coaches and teammates, after the end of the women’s final Tang Jiali also unable to return to the motherland the return home to celebrate the Spring Festival, Tang Jiali will soon start to return to the premier league, many fans and feel some love for Tang Jiali, when it comes to the Asian women’s final Tang Jiali performance above,Many fans is also full of praise, the first Tang Jiali by penalty goal in the second half, to help the Chinese team to break the goal drought, thus China counter blowing the battle-cry after finished the first goal, Tang Jiali then staged wonderful man ball, send a subtlety of assists, teenager Zhang Linyan complete header, successful equaliser,Has also made its own contribution to beat the Tang Jiali at the last moment, when Tang Jiali and vian, with great help XiaoYuYi complete dead, Tang Jiali became ammunition players and vian, XiaoYuYi fencing completed the last team to score everybody see Tang Jiali in the women’s Asian cup final after the outstanding performance,People immediately think of the former Chinese women’s female handsome Gu Xiuquan guidance as we all know, before the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Gu Xiuquan very accidentally gave up the core of the team veteran Tang Jiali also triggered intense fans questioned, Tang Jiali at the time of departure time in respectively with the team, so it is to record video at the airport tearful thanks, ShuiQingXia guidance of trust,First of all, Tang Jiali for Shui Qingxia called water mother, thank you for the trust of water mother and teammates, can be seen in the heart of Tang Jiali shui Qingxia guidance as a family, as his mother, expressed the love of Tang Jiali for Shui Qingxia guidance, expressed the respect of Tang Jiali for Shui Qingxia guidance,ShuiQingXia guidance through his excellent teaching skills and for the love of the women’s football team, and gain the respect of the players, it can be seen that the Chinese women’s team unity, general can again and again to finally realize today violent reversal Tang Jiali such words is also at the same time Gu Xiuquan heart, Tang Jiali said mother let me thank the water back into the national team,Especially back this five words, a lot of fans think will embarrass Gu Xiuquan guidance comparison, like Tang Jiali so good players, since can’t on behalf of the national team in the Olympic Games really make a lot of fans are difficult to understand, the final Tang Jiali Tang Jiali said you came back again, this sentence is also let many fans feel sad,Tang Jiali really made an indelible contribution for the Chinese women’s team, she also hopes to lead the Chinese women’s football in the international competition, but in front of Gu Xiuquan theory to guide the plant trees but let Tang Jiali missed the Olympic Games, left a great pity, now ShuiQingXia guidance after Tang Jiali entrusts with an important task, makes Tang Jiali ushered in this moment of glory,Therefore, we can see that Tang Jiali is very happy in the Chinese women’s football team. Finally, we also hope that The Chinese women’s football team can move forward to a higher goal under the leadership of stars such as Shui Qingxia, Tang Jiali, Wang Shuang and Wang Shanshan