The book “Cross-strait Ci Voyage” by Master Fujian Huen Was published in Taiwan

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The book “Cross-strait Ci Voyage” by Master Ben has been published in Traditional Chinese in Taiwan.Fuzhou, March 30 (CNS) — A traditional Chinese version of the book “Cross-strait Ci Voyage” written by Master Tian Xin, president of Fujian Buddhist College and abbot of Fuzhou Kaiyuan Temple and Putian Guanghua Temple, has been published in Taiwan, according to the Fujian Buddhist College on Wednesday.The book, with some 80,000 words and 65 illustrations, is written in the style of legend, prose, commentary and philosophical treatise that enlightens the soul.The book was published by Shangqu Zhiye in Taiwan and distributed by Red Ant Books in Taiwan.According to the introduction, the theme of the book “Cross-strait Ci Voyage” is based on the life legend of Fujian patriotic monk Ci Hang as the main line, narrating to readers his ups and downs of studying in Myanmar, spreading Buddhism in Malaysia, visiting Singapore and becoming a monk in Taining, Fujian province, and passing away in Xizhi, Taiwan.Particularly this paper focuses on ship by Jackson in the domestic and foreign propaganda, in Taiwan for resisting Japan and saving the nation to revive the Chinese tradition, homesick, love Buddhism, protect the mainland to Taiwan XueSeng, founded Taiwan institute of buddhist studies, to promote human life, Buddhism, and after the death of the body is not bad, become Taiwan’s first the flesh but the monk, etc.The author of The book “Cross-strait Cihang”, master Nature, is the revival of Cihang Monk’s monastic Temple Qingyun Temple in Taining, and is the only descendant of Cihang Monk in Mainland China.In 2007, the master initiated a large-scale event to organize the return of the body icon of Zen Master Cihang from Xizhi, Taiwan province to Taining, Fujian Province.After years of painstaking interpretation of the Complete Works of Master Cihang, the book “Cross-strait Cihang” is written to inherit and carry forward Master Cihang’s thoughts and spirits of patriotism, compassion, love for peace, love for youth, selflessness and fearlessness, and to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Master Cihang’s return from Taiwan to His ancestral home in Fujian.Master Nature has published 10 buddhist monographs in Taiwan, 6 of which were premiered at Esupin Bookstore in Taipei.(after)